Evolve ships 2.5 million,is considered a long term franchise


http://www.gamespot.com/articles/evolve-ships-2-5-million-copies-publisher-calls-it/1100-6427427/ Not sure if this has been mentioned here yet,but I just wanted to say that,despite all the controversy around it,I’m glad the game is selling pretty well and I look forward to what Turtle Rock has in store for Evolve.

People throwing the hate at Evolve, send em to the Moon!

Great news, and your forum name makes me hungry :stuck_out_tongue:


Sold 2.5 million to stores of which 1.5m sold atleast according to reddit.



Fascinating stuff.


This surprises me but I am happy the game is doing well. Means we will surely be getting more stuff for it in the future like the article said.


Pro tip: don’t read the comments under the article, unless you feel like punching a hole in your monitor


I tend to avoid the comments on Gamespot articles anyways,it defenitely doesn’t have the most likeable community.


You cant just disregard ppl’s negative opinions. i want this game to be a success so i think its good to understand why so many hated this game in order to help it improve.


I don’t mind people having a negative opinion,but only when it’s somewhat constructive critisism, and not just “hur dur this game sux” which is what many of the comments usually are on the more popular game websites like IGN and Gamespot.


The salty comments… They taste good.


dude, none of them have even played the game but all they do is talk shit about it. There’s nothing to “understand” about those types of people. But truth be told, 2K destroyed their own game with the day 1 dlc and the above average cost of the dlc; how out of touch with consumers are they if they really thought this would fly with zero controversy.

Edit: there are more people trolling Evolve articles than there are people playing Evolve lol


Consoles maybe not PC lmao


Despite these sales records, it would appear that less than 5% of that number actually play evolve. This is based on steam stats and an estimate of console states that I have no way of checking, but based on forum participation/comments.


Really? Under 5% seems a bit low,I can’t speak for PC or XB1 but on PS4 I never have a problem finding a match…


So you’re basing that off of forum comments, that are based off of console stats, nobody can see? :stuck_out_tongue:

I always find matches quick on PS4, and I work late, so I usually play early in the day or between midnight and 4:00am.


Correct. Currently PC stats top 1200 players during peak playtime on the weekends.

I understand console player base has been dropping fairly consistently as well.

5% of 1.5 million minimum sales is only 75,000 players which is honestly WAY more than I’d expect to be currently playing.

TLDR: Sales mean literally nothing and are nothing more than a marketing publicity figure to try and sale more. Don’t buy into it.


All it says is 2.5 million copies shipped, not sold. Do we know the figure of actual sales?


So shipped, meaning GameStop bought them?


Like Orion Terrorsaurs!!! Am I right???

( @xino_zero @Quirkly @LosSalvatierras )


Yeah, basically any retailer. When a company announces they shipped X amount of their product doesn’t mean anything because at the end of the day it just means it’s sitting on the shelf or in the discounts bin waiting to be bought.