Evolve sequel?


I know it’s a little early to be talking about it but evolve definitely has the makings of a franchise but I wanna hear everyone else’s take


The DLC will keep me in the game for a year.


I don’t really see the need for a sequel when they can just make more dlc and not split the playerbase like they did with left 4 dead.

Also what would they even do for a sequel it would just end up being the same game


What @Colin_swan said.

There’s literally zero story. Why bother making a sequel. Keep releasing DLC. Maps and characters. Game modes can be added too.


The question about were the monsters came from could possibly be in a sequel and think about call of duty or halo

They have made tons of sequels and everything is basically the same

It could also make graphics and such better


Colin and Metilinos make very valid points. Keep releasing game modes, maps and playable characters. No need splitting up players with a sequel.


But majority of the story only comes form character interactions on the dropship and they said they deliberately want to keep the monsters origins vague


It will be called… Revolve.


I agree completely but it will keep the franchise going I mean yes dlcs will completely make people happy but it would be great for a sequel every 2 years or so just to keep up to date with the latest Video game tech and to update with consoles


I got bored…


It could be remastered


Make the other ‘v’ segment black too… 2vs2vs1, you heard it here first!


From my understanding, there will be no sequel. They will just release more DLC. Thats part of the whole idea. This isnt a Call of Duty where you buy a new $60 version every 9 months and then buy all of its DLC while the devs are already working on the next CoD and given up support for the version that just came out.


Too soon. This game has a cool competitive side that will require balance patches to evolve the metagame, no pun intended Kappa