Evolve Secrets


Since we have some time before next patch, lets make this interesting.
Community contest to see who can find “Mary” in Evolve.

There are currently atleast 3 easter eggs within evolve, WE HAVENT FOUND!


That’s gotta be Broken Hill Foundry. At least, that’s what comes to mind


the raining cupcakes are from broken hill murder pits.

The Mary reference in TRS, existed prior to release, so it could exist in ANY of the maps.


There’s also a giant playing card on a Defend map and cupcakes on every map minus defend ones.


well, lets start pooling screengrabs of easter eggs till we find Mary!


but who is mary? :open_mouth:


Now thats the real question.
I heard she’s a goddess, maybe a parent, possibly a lover.
But until we know for sure, all i’ll say is:
##Happy Birthday Mary


bs, she is laurie ann xD




Is this like some kind of Evolve Illuminati thing or is this actually an Easter Egg?


this is an actual easter egg.


Okay, then yea you guys search for it and I shall be doing my homework. I will be watching this post…


already started.



Now Shredder, you know it’s rude to let us out on stuff.


Should probably post this in the ØP so people aren’t scratching their heads at this, Seedsy. This is what you’re looking for, guys…


done ty <3


How big is it in game? Any dev who has posted that?


LadieAuPair, and I have no idea. No one knows how big it is. I assume it’s decently sized.


I deleted an inappropriate post. I can clean up the aftermath real fast so the thread can get back on track.


Would that be King’s Fort?