Evolve Season Pass free for new players until 25 May


Starting today through May 25th, purchase Evolve from the 2K webstore and receive the Hunting Season Pass Free! http://2kgam.es/1HzAE0Y

So if any of your friends didn’t like the DLC stuff i guess now they can re-think of buying it.

Glad to hear 2K doing something about PC.Its not a sale or anything but its something.


So it begins. Less than 6 months, and already the early adopters getting shafted, lol.


I know what you mean but lets be honest.Here in PC stuff is going bad.That’s why this “offer” is not about xbox/ps4 and only for PC.

It might seem like us who payed 100$ are getting forgotten but i don’t have a problem if this means more people will play in PC


I like how 2k once again spreads the news in the most efficient way possible on these forums…
Through a random follower on twitter. (even if he is from the most epicly dramatized city in europe)
Don’t know what to think them not including the steamstore in the deal. But I suppose that’s a matter of steam policies regarding those deals.


shafted would imply we didn’t get our money’s worth and considering I still enjoy this game win or lose I think my money was well spent. So as a player who pre-purchased I say this bothers me exactly not at all.


Wat xD  


what is with the old owners of the 50€ preorder edition ?

is this only for new players while the old have still to pay 20€ ??? ?


Whoever buys now Evolve from their store they will get it for free.Its only for new players.But i’m guessing they won’t take Behemoth?Pre-orders did


Buying Evolve + the Hunting Season Pass from a certain other retailer is €45.98
(This also may include Behemoth free, it did when I bought it, not a preorder)

Buying Evolve with the Hunting Season Pass ‘free’ from 2K’s site is €49.99

So… yeah.


This is a really fucking stupid way of doing things. I have no problem if the game went on sale for 20€, but this annoys me


lol ,ofc its from the 2k store and not steam. they want all the profit.


Evolve is probably going to end up being the last multiplayer heavy game I pre order. It isn’t just on the fault of Evolve but honestly I wish that I didn’t know anything about Evolve and then discovered it around the time of T5 so I could get crazy deals on T4 and would be able to play a less buggy version of the game.


So glad I bought this game day one with season pass and everything…
So, happy.


Now we know what to do when T5 comes out, wait 1.5 month for discount, or even sooner since we now know it’ll happen :wink:


Does this apply to console? If so i would purchase it for my xbox one as to save some extra cash, still waiting to see if my PC data could be transfered so i dont need to re-elite so many hunters


@MaddCow Does your “2K account” apply the same going from PC to Console?


No its only for PC the discount.

Also no 2k account doesn’t link progress from console to PC


I’m happy with this, more people is always best for us early adopters, crying about the realities of market value depreciation is less so.

No one is getting shafted here, early adopters have had the opportunity to experience the game and all the ways it had changed, plus the skins available from community challenges.

But like buying a car, you can’t be sad if someone can buy the same car you did cheaper a year later… Enjoy that you paid to have it first, or don’t choose to spend that premium. :slight_smile:


This for example… You’re right, you don’t sound like the sort of person that should pre order. this is what all multiplayer games are like, to varying degrees. it’d be nice if they could be bug free at release but various realities mean that they’re not. Lesson learned, go for the cheaper option in the future :wink:


I’ve never had problems like this with a halo game (I didn’t buy MCC). Mass effect 3 multiplayer was awesome and was not like this, payday 2 wasn’t this buggy. I’ve never in my life had a game crash on me so many times or been so clearly imbalanced. 3.5 months after release and there are still a bunch of bugs, and balance is still taking forever. Please don’t make it sounds like evolve is marching along like business as usual.