Evolve Season 2 trailer thoughts and predictions

So I just saw the new Evolve trailer for season 2 which was so amazing! I thought I’d give my predictions on what the other 3 classes are like and possible abilities.
Trapper: In the trailer the trappers arms look almost plant like with vines around them so this may be some inhuman hunter like Slim, If he is plant like he could lay traps down that tangle the monster trapping him. The weapons the trapper was holding looked like dual weapons.
Medic: The medic looked like a robot like bucket, this could mean he/she can deploy healing drones in an area sort of like the shield drones. Also the weapon or thing its holding looks like a possible healing sword (best guess probably not it)
Support: The support looks like a hooded slim in a bug like way so maybe this support has modified bugs that attach to the monster dealing damage over time.
Monster: Now this is the fun one, the new monster looks very much like a spider creature so theres a possibility that it could produce minions, create sticky traps for the monsters and other spider like abilities. Also I’m guessing this monster is a girl like wraith and may have a name like The Host or Arachnidon (Im not good at making names)

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