Evolve Sculpture progress- Starting with Behemoth


I can’t wait for the release of the new hunters and behemoth. So, I had started working on the behemoth sculpture last night. I may work on the other monsters after this one.
The first three images is of me roughing the shape of monster before refining.

This next picture is the result of that night where I started adding detail. I took the picture in the morning.

Here is a link to my video of its status and channel where I am working on other sculptures. Behemoth Sculpture status . Right now I am interepting the details of the Behemoth from the gameply video. The lower back part of the behemoth is a little unclear.

I will post a better video later and work on it more. I could power through tonight and have the sculpture done tonight. or keep a comfortable rate and since I am busy tomorrow then it won;t be done until Sunday.

Alright, lets talk Behemoth. Anything and everything
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Dude, that is ultra sexy.

no homo


Thanks, I am hoping to sculpt either a hunter (Maybe Slim or Caira) or more likely another monster from the game. I have other sculptures that I am working on though.
I have been thinking about slightly tweaking the pose. to make it a little more dramatic. I had started sculpting it based on one image of the Behemoth and a poor quality video of behemoth gameplay. I had just found a better quality video and it is making it easier to sculpt. If I had a character sheet I would be able to finish it quicker.


If you ever do a goliath, I think either his victory roar or pounce leap would be an awesome pose!


Sure I will keep that in mind. I do feel like sculpting Goliath next though.


Too bad kraken is so spindly with the tentacles, I feel like he would be a really fragile sculpt…

But what do I know, I’m not an artist by any stretch xD

I just play the trumpet! (technically an art I suppose.)


I would buy a Slim or Kraken off of you. I’m not even kidding. That’s incredible.


Thanks. I was thinking about sculpting Slim but until I get some more images so that I can better understand sculpting him. Right now I can do a rough sculpt of him with good details on the front side but would be lacking in the back. The back would be sculpted by artistic means, meaning that I would look at the front and try to make the back details consistent with the front. If I was to make Kraken, which I might I would make it to scale with the Behemoth piece that I am working on.


That’s pretty legit. There are a couple of pics of Slim’s back, but he’s pretty far away in both. He appears to have both wings, and a jetpack.


Armature underneath would fix that. Pretty common in sculpting.


Make me a goliath
Ill have teh monies

Alright, lets talk Behemoth. Anything and everything

Good lord this is amazing. Can’t wait to see it finished. You’re the most talented sculptor I’ve seen in a while.

I tried sculpting once. I nearly sliced off a finger. :blush:


No need to rush. It’s coming out really nice, congrats!


Phenomenal, you really have a talent. I’m psyched to see what the finished product is gonna look like! Good stuff!


Love the details! I forgot where you posted a video, but I thought it was a toy manafactured by s company, but then I saw that is was clay. In other words, it looks professionally made.


Go on, don’t stop now!


This… holy mother, it’s great.

“Go on, you unstoppable martian!”


Just shut up and take my money!

I want it :heart_eyes:


This is simply amazing.

Love that sculpture! I can make stickfigures, that’s how far my sculpture (and drawing for that matter) skills go xD

Would love to see more!


For those that replied earlier, I am sorry for not responding. I did mention that I was busy yesterday and I guess there is a daily limit on the forums, so I reached the limit and could not reply until about 4 pm yesturday. But by that time I was away. I will be trying to sculpt the other three monsters.
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