Evolve sculpture and timelapse (starting with Slim and Gorgon)


I have started to sculpt Slim the medic and plan on posting Part 1 later today. The last thing that I had sculpted from evolve was Behemoth before he was released with the rest of tier 4. I thought that I should sculpt some more characters from my favorite game. So I will start this post with Slim and then start with Gorgon afterwards.
I may sculpt full figures depending free time. Bust sculpts are usually the easiest to get around to sculpting.
I will post all videos in this first post so that you don’t need to search for them.

I will post the video on here once it is ready.



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Looking good :wink:


Thanks. This sculpture will turn out great.


Can’t wait to see more!


Now this is amazing!


Here is the Part 1. Thanks for the positive feedback.


Things are looking truly amazing. I can’t wait for it to be done! I do hope you plan to add wings and maybe his buggy!
Also, do you have of these? I find them to be completely necessary for using with clays myself. I love them!


Sneak peek of the Gorgon armature.


I have two different sizes and usually use for small face sculpts. I did not use it on Slim’s face in this video. I may use them when I sculpt Lazarus. I have sizes 0 and 2. I find myself usually using about 6 tools.


1: Woah
2: Omg
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4: Are those it’s hands?
5: Woah


OK, officially set this thread to watching, this is going to be great :smiley:


Funny thing is that if you watch the video, I do use it but not for the silicone tip but for the rounded metal part of the tool for the neck.


Thanks, I will try and post progress for both pieces tomorrow. Definitely share this with anyone that would enjoy watching the progress.


Thanks. I keep the wires for arms longer than needed so that I know that I have enough wire. It is better to have more than not enough wire. It is hard to add more wire at such a thin spot.


Here is a flashback to the behemoth sculpture that I made last year. It was made before the release of behemoth and the fourth tier of hunters. I will post an update of Slim and Gorgon tomorrow.


Here is a small preview of the video that I am editing right now for the Gorgon sculpture. I will be posting the video later today. I will put a post on here when it is done. I spent a little more time on editing so that the speed won’t blur the timelapse. So I had to split quite a few spots. Normally I would just choose a fast speed and let it be but not this time.


Fantastic! :clap: :thumbsup:

I will show it to my younger son - I bet he starts to try do it himself right away lol


That bag in a background of this picture… I guess you feed him with this, right ?


Here is part 1 to the Gorgon Sculpt. Slim will have to be tomorrow.
(the video works)


This video is private