Evolve says I'm too young to login


I bought evolve ultimate edition, and for some reason it won’t let me pay online or guy to the store, which I need to do to use the DLC


It’s the law mate, can’t change the law


Does your My2k account show that you’re under 17?


Do you need one of those fit Xbox, it never asked for one


Something in one of your accounts is triggering an age gate. You should contact Xbox Live support or have your parent do so.


My Xbox live account is an as m adult account so there shouldn’t be anything stopping it


Something in your settings is saying otherwise. Not sure if it is your My2K account or your XBL account.
Again, I would start with XBL support and see what they say.


What is a My2k account I never heard that I needed one.



I think I remember seeing a thread about this a long time ago, where parents were upset because of a discrepancy with xbox accounts not allowing their children to play evolve with them. I would check to make sure there aren’t any old and forgotten accounts linked to your xbox that might have been registered as underage, and then check with 2k. Good luck


The game won’t let me link an account to the Xbox, the link account button thing in extras is grey and it won’t let me use it, do you actually need it to play online or do all that stuff


No, it’s not necessary to play online. Have you contacted Microsoft Support?


Do you need it to do anything than


I believe DLC and skins are linked to your My2K account? When contacting 2K Support, they will usually ask for the e-mail associated with your My2K account.

As Mountain and others have said, there’s likely to be something somewhere that has you as under 18. Perhaps check your Xbox account details, e-mail used and details on there, My2K account info, and see if there are any linked accounts or something. Is your account the primary account on your system? Or is it a sub-account? (Not sure if Xbox has those)


Sorry, I don’t work for Turtlerock. Your best bet is contacting Microsoft and making sure there are no issues with your XBL account.


If it’s not your console, it might be your Microsoft account itself.

  1. Go to http://www.xbox.com and login
  2. Once logged in, at the upper right corner, click “Microsoft Account”
  3. Got to the “Security & privacy” tab
  4. Once done, click on the “Xbox privacy and online safety” link under Online Safety
  5. Click the “Xbox One Online Safety” tab
    5a.*Make sure “buy and download” is allowed
  6. Click the “Save” button at the bottom, restart your Xbox and it should be working


I cheat…One I use my Dad’s account :stuck_out_tongue:

and two to get on evolvegamechanger or evolvegame.com I just go 1/1/ scroll and choose number

But if my mom and dad let me have the game I think I should be able to get on the website