Evolve Sales Topic


In this thread you can post any deals/sales you find relating to Evolve.

This week through 2/29/16, if you have Gold on Xbox One, you can get a variety of games on sale. Evolve is about 50-67% off depending on your region.

Huge Steam Sale For Evolve
Evolve Steam sale
2k-Sale on Xbox live
Xbox One Sale
Updated! Evolve on Sale
When will the next evolve sale be?

Jess… let teh noobs buy it cheaply and then pay the rest with their salty tears as “So and so is OP!” reappear all over again!


But nah we just need to remember to be nice and not roflstomp the noobs in Quickplay.

Ranked? Ferking destroy them and let them learn!!!


Ultimate Edition for PS4 and XB1 is 19.99 on Amazon

Concerns Dealing with Evolve's Playerbase

Evolve is in special right now! 75% off!

Going from 9.99 CAD for the standard version up until 19.99 for the Monster Race Edition.
Also various skins are in special for 50% off.


Get the word out to any of your friends that have been waiting for a price drop. 75% off all Evolve stuff on Steam. 38 hrs left. Man I wish this stuff was advertised on some gaming sites. Might actually boost the population a bit.


Another big sale, and yet again there’s like no one who knows about it other than us and the people who look at the Steam Store front page long enough.

I mean, come on… This is just bad. I won’t point any fingers but when there’s 75% off and practically no one actually notices… that’s just a really big waste of a sale.

People always complain about 2K so how about they actually prove their worth and get Evolve more popular? Playerbase doesn’t increase automatically. Jesus Christ. Why do so many developers think this? A sale here, a content update there… oh shit, there’s still no one playing. Why?
Maybe because there was no way for newcomers to actually know?


I saw ultimate edition for sale dunno if that is still going on though


So I just found that Evolve is on sale on Xbox One for Gold members.

##Evolve $39.99 $13.20
##Digital Deluxe $49.99 $16.50
##Ultimate Edition $59.99 $24.00


Regular Evolve is $10 (PS4 only) on Amazon


GMG Spring Sale Encore - Evolve PCMR 75% off, Standard Edition 66% off


And since the PCMR Edition costs more than £10, you can use this voucher to save another 20%, making it cost £9.80.



EDIT: Sale has ended.


Gamesplanet Sale - All Evolve Editions 75% Off, Season Passes 50% Off



Really good deal for ps4 users!


Wow… somebody really nerfed the prices eh?


I would say profit from it before the lid blows with the new title update (hopefully)