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Hey everyone! Its that time again. As many of you know, I am like the only guy here who posts short stories of evolve, creating my own lore and mythology of the game. And here I am again, beginning a whole new tale. Sable Extinction!!! Now I am trying something new. This is going to be written in sort of a script format, in hopes of possibly making it simpler for others to read. Regardless, I hope and trust that you fellow fans of my writing will enjoy the story, and with it, hope to make new fans. Please enjoy. :slight_smile:


Guardian Emmet Raige stretches up his arms, nearly touching the roof of the warship, breaking in his recently assembled power armor. The fit is just right, as he picks up his Shred Rifle, inserting a fresh clip.

Kaya: can’t believe we’re going through with this.

Emmet: you don’t have to do anything Kaya. To be honest, I don’t know why you’re here.

Kaya: I have my reasons. Just surprised it takes something like this to save the planet.

James: there’s no guarantee of us returning alive.

Chyler: the Omega is powerful. More so than my baby here can handle. (Pats her Shred Rifle)

Emmet: the Staunch Nuke should do the trick.

Lee: I have no doubts of the Staunch. Its getting it inside that’s the problem.

Kaya: True.

The ship rocks left and right, shuddering the Guardians.

Kaya: how long has it been?

Emmet: the Omega landed here on Earth about three years ago, unstoppably producing mass numbers of Goliaths, Kraken, Behemoths, Wraiths, and monsters we’re yet to name. Then the Guardians were formed, alongside all of humanity in defense of this onslaught. As of now, over half of the planet is overrun.

Chyler: we were too late…

James: but we’re here now, and that’s what matters right?

Emmet: exactly. We have the opportunity to set things straight. (Holds up the Staunch, a small basketball sized orb: their salvation.) And this right here is going to do just that.

James: amen to that brother.

Emmet: we drop to the crater, fight our way down to the Omega, and set off the Staunch.

Kaya: how much time for evac?

Emmet: none.

The team falls silent.

Pilot: we’re approaching the pit. Might want to enter the drop zone.

Emmet: copy that. You heard him guys lets move.

Emmet stops Kaya before she enters.

Emmet: you DON’T have to do this.

Kaya: let me in Emmet.

He slowly moves aside.

The team readies their jetpacks. Emmet straps the nuke to his back, the strength of the power armor bearing the weight if the Staunch.

Pilot: dropping in three… two… one…

The floor of the DZ opens up, beneath the gray of smoke, and flurry of constant ammunition.

Emmet: drop!!!

They all leap out from the warship, descending into the sky.

Dozens of Kraken blur by as bullets and missiles collide with the beasts.

Bullets connect with the Guardians, their shields enduring the friendly fire.

Lee: almost there!!!

The surface slowly comes into view. The crater is largely ablaze, a center pit lying in wait for the Guardians to enter the gate to the mighty Omega.

Chyler: ready your jet packs.

James: this is it baby!

Emmet: thirty seconds to surface.

Kaya: roger…

Her heart is racing, a part of her wishing she stayed behind, but for the sake of humanity… she felt inclined to die for it.

James: time to flip the switch.

Flames spew from their pack’s thrusters, slowing their freefall.

Emmet: get ready for anything.

The crater continues to become larger, and larger until soon specs of monsters and Guardians alike come into view.

James: touching down.

Emmet: remember, keep the Staunch safe no matter what.

Chyler: in other words, just make sure that you don’t die.

Kaya: uh guys. Incoming Goliath!!

Lee: was that plural? Because there’s five of them.

Kaya: just shoot Lee!!!

The team opens fire with their Shred Rifles, tearing apart the monsters armor. They counter by tossing rocks. Emmet and the others evade, James tossing a Rip Grenade, dismembering three Goliaths. Chyler approaches another, decapitating it with her Plasma Sword. The last falls by suppressive fire.

Emmet: hurry head for the pit!

Chyler: watch that Behemoth.

James blows the monster into chunks of flesh with his Force Cannon.

James: gotta love Professor Isenbergs new toys.

Emmet: yeah now keep moving.

Kaya: Isenberg? Robert Isenberg?

James: yeah.

Kaya: didn’t he successfully capture the Symbiote A while back?

Chyler: it’s corpse is on display in a museum.

James: the guy is a fucking genius. He developed the suits, weapons, and technological mechanics of everything we have against the monsters. We’d all be dead if it weren’t for his works.

Lee: hey you all see those guys up ahead?

Emmet: they’re not Guardians…

Chyler: looks like OSA to me.

The Guardians meet with the squad of combatants.

Devlin: holy shit… Guardians.

James: OSA huh. What you guys doing so close to the pit?

Chyler: no power armor? How are you guys holding it down here?

Emmet: listen. All that matters is that they’re human, and they’ve given us a pretty clear shot to the Omega.

Devlin: thanks to our Titan Mark IV.

James: nice mech.

Devlin: we’re OSA Titan Squad 77. I see Operation Sable Extinction is ago.

Emmet: indeed it is.

A flock of Kraken fly overhead, the team ready to fire if necessary.

Devlin: you guys should get going. A new wave of monsters will crawl out from that pit any minute now. Just promise me you’ll get that son of a bitch.

Emmet: we’ll get the job done.

James: we always do.

Devlin: good. Lost quite a few men to these fuckers. Now go make em pay.

Emmet: yes sir.

The OSA Combatants wave farewell to the Guardians as they approach their destination.

Kaya: think they’ll still be here when we get back?

Emmet: I won’t be coming back, but they’ll do their darnest.

He suddenly stops everyone.

Emmet: alright listen up. This is it. This is where it ends. This is our salvation. The very fate of humanity lies within our grasps… right down this shithole. (Points behind him where the roars and growls of monsters echo from below) this war has gone on long enough. The time of fear and destruction ends now. No more. And no matter what happens down in this pit. I want you to know its been an honor fighting alongside all of you.

Hoorah!!! Shouts the team in unison.

Emmet: now lets get it done.

The five of them dive into the pit. The darkness is so thick they see nothing but can hear the thousands of creatures that crawl within.

Kaya: uh, Emmet. How will we know when to slow our descent?

James: calm your tits kid. Your helmet is equipped with night vision, but don’t bother.

Kaya: why’s that?

Emmet: there’s plenty of light where we’re going.

She shuts her eyes tightly.

Kaya: what am I doing here?

She fades into her thoughts through the deafening noise of terror that shrouds her existence.


This is just sort of a prologue. Next issue will go back before the drop and explain how kaya ended up with the Guardians, and why she’s now risking her life for the sake of the human race. Anyone hating the new writing format?


Pleb Goliath, real monsters combo rock after an LS or charge.


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It’s nice. I enjoyed reading it.

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Awesome. Its just that you didn’t leave a like, so I thought … ya know.

But yeah, I should have volume 2 up later today, or tonight. It’ll all start to make sense. The awesome thing about evolve is that there’s so much lore and mythology to create, and nothing’s off limits.


Yeah me too. He did that too perfect.

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I appreciate it man. Have you read my last story, As One?


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