Evolve Roleplay Forum Is Up and Runnin


So the other day a friend and I were considering making this as he has no console to play Evolve and wanted to so bad, so we started coming up with this idea. Like? Dislike? Have concepts? Help me out! :smiley: Also link to forum!

http://shearterror.forumotion.com/ I’d hyperlink it but I’m forum impaired and that is not in my skill set :stuck_out_tongue:

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What do you mean by RP? I’m not good with this stuff so I am confused. :stuck_out_tongue:


He means roleplay. Collaborative writing.



Then ya, that sounds pretty cool. :stuck_out_tongue: Tagging @MaddCow and @DarkMesa because as I recall they enjoy this stuff.

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D: Why aren’t you tagging ME!

You KNOW I enjoy RP!


You’re already here…


Yeah Text Based Role Playing, it’s fun and I thought it would let people unleash their full creativity, I’m gonna try and be close to the lore and stuff of Evolve but give free character costumization ITS GONNA BE AWESOME (In theory XD)


Sniffles it doesn’t matter, I SEE HOW IT IS NOW!

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So it’d be like:

Player 1: Suddenly, and angry Goliath appeared and said “Raaaaaaawwwwwr!” before attacking Jim!

Player 2: Jim smacked it on the nose and shoved a cupcake down its throat.

Player 3: Waffles.



MidnightRoses breaking hearts of mortals since ???


2420? 6969? 2121?


That’s the theory anyways, though this would probably be more like text based D&D lol

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@MaddCow and I thought about started a non evolve related one awhile back with other forum members but we dropped it. I have a lot of experience if you are serious about this kind of thing.


Homebrew evolve themed DnD game, IM MONSTER CALLED IT


I’m a bigger monster! Called it.

ANd smarter and faster and stronger. I’m also better looking.


Well I’M JAWS.


WE CAN FINALLY HAVE MONSTER COOP! 4 Monsters vs 16 Hunters! Go!


Role for omnomnomnitiative!


4 monsters vs the creepy pasta hank I wrote about.


As if Hank wasn’t bad enough…