Evolve role playing thread

Well while looking through here someone said we should have a role playing thread so here it is! @Major_Warrior we need someone to be the Game creator and then we need people! Now get started

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It’s funny, there was a role-playing game going on a while back, but I’m not sure if it was discontinued or what. Most likely people got busy and didn’t have time for it.

Well a few people said they wanted it so I made it, if it doesn’t get used then this thread will die a most unpleasant death of being locked after a month of no replies.

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By all means, go for it. I actually miss the other RPG that was going on. It would be nice to get another one started up.

It depends on how this thread goes, it either turns into an rpg thread or a thread where we make fun of rpg/larps

Goliath was pushing through the dense brush. The forest was silence in essence, except the occasional screech of a Spotter in the distance. This world was new to him, alien. He knew nothing of it, except one thing; the Patterson Tech that beckoned him constantly. It called to him, made him hunger for the power within. He knew not why he needed it… Only that it was vitally important.

A tree trunk cracked, and fell to the ground as he pushed past it. The noise startled him, even though it was his doing. He couldn’t smell anything near by, that was any threat to him anyways. Only the wildlife. He needed to feed, it was important to gain energy and mass, doing so would make him stronger, smarter. Unsure how he knew this, but it was implemented in his brain. It wasn’t the same hunger an animal knew; it was the understanding that he needed food not to survive, but to grow, to become more. It wasn’t as great a hunger as his hunger for the Patterson Tech was. That was the prize, the goal.

Lights overhead. Tree branches swayed, leaves billowed on the forest floor, and the Marsh Striders he had been approaching fled as a large mass flew overhead. Red sticks of fire fell, on either side of him. One ignited a dry bush it had landed on. Goliaths blood began to boil as he felt an impending sense of danger; something was here, and looking for him. It was not natural here, also alien to this world. It looked to stop him.

A last glance at the glowing red fire sticks, and he was off. He bounded forwards, leaving stealth behind as he flung himself over the trees, and landed roughly on a cliff side. He made his way to the top, and turned to look where he had been moments ago. The fire was spreading, it covered a small expanse of forest now. And the ship was hovering over where he had just been…

A door opened on the base of it…

His time was short. He needed to leave, to grow.

Time was short.

Hope this was a good start. :smile:
We should all add to the story!!!


There were four of them.

They were all so…



Goliath would have shrugged them off and continued, but the scent that the four emitted caught his attention. He stood still and sniffed. It smelt like metal and sulfur. The four soon made contact with the earth, their 'chutes casting off behind them. The flying box that had delivered them glowed bright then flew back into the sky.

The insects looked in every which direction, their crude sticks pointed in the air. Goliath noticed a canine behind one of them.

Wait… it’s sniffing the ground… what is it do-

Goliath realized that these insects were trying to track him. He turned his head back to the forest he was venturing into. He let out a quiet, smug grunt. These insects.

These vermin. They have the audacity to hunt him? The almighty Goliath? Goliath spotted a reaver and pounced on him, bringing his teeth around the smaller creature’s neck and ripping it off it’s body. The warm, thick blood sprayed across his snout as he tore the reaver apart. The meat was small but still satisfying enough to quell his hunger.

These insects will know soon enough who the real hunter is.

I’m no writer and it shows. But I thought it would be fun.


HAHAHA You are amazing

I liked it a lot!!! :smile:
Hoping someone chimes in from the Hunters perspectives.
cough @Matthew your time to shine!!! :smiley:

Well since I’m late I was going to suggest making this thread a bit of a preparation of sorts for the actual Evolve-RPG Thread but I see that two people already got started on that…

And it seems that Goliath is dealing with a Daisy and Maggie…

I’d chip in but I might wait a bit. See where this goes.

We may even down the line introduce new Hunters and Monsters here and whether or not TRS uses any of the ideas to make new characters this should be fun.

Ahem* It wasn’t discontinued, you all made it clear that you were too busy for the foreseeable future. None of you have brought it up since.

In fact, the entire campaign is still written out. I had the whole thing written prior to the first session.

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I should probably not have started it, I was just excited about the idea. It would be good to take some preparation time, sorry for jumping the ball. :sweat_smile:

Could restart with some guidelines. I’ve never really role played before, at least not seriously.

*let me put on my robe and wizard hat

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Nah it’s fine actually. Gives us all a chance to “warm up” and try and see what we have here to go with. Giving us a bit of foreplay to get ready for the main course isn’t a bad thing.

I’m just waiting for that reason. To see what ammo I have to spend.

Now with @Heat_Sleep and the huge feelings towards the Hunters being vermin is fine butI feel like it was a bit… much. MMaybe not be so direct with wording and have a bit more subtlety with the views of the Monsters. We don’t yet know the level of their intelligence because for all we know they are instinctively or programably driven.

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Yeah, I want them to have very little or no comprehension of specific words. Feelings, and such I think are fine, but since they’re backstory is so vague I think their thoughts should remain vague emotions of their surroundings. They probably can’t compile sentences and the like.

I think that in the long run as long as we don’t have anyone running and stomping about screaming “Fire Breath! Fire Breath!” and “RollSmashTougeGrabRockWallPummel Combo!” I think we will be fine regardless of how it all goes.

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Hahahahahahaha okay. That makes sense. Should we establish roles? Like one person stick to a Monster/Hunter specifically?