Evolve review


I, like everyone else, was very excited after hearing that pokemon would finally “evolve” onto home consoles.

Think about it…since 1996 we have been waiting for pokemon too finally ditch the overrated game gear and finally make its way a home console.

I am sad too say that this is not this day.

First off, they wanted too make Charizard in this game looks way too EXTREME and forgot too make him red.

Also, charizard seems too have mated with a geoman because he is not throwing rocks and speaking chinese.

Goldeen is the second monster and he seems like he is on serious steroids and I think that is giving kids the wrong idea.

The third monster (pikachu) seems to have taken a giant dose of schedule 1, 2, and 3 narcotics and constantly screams.

Hopefully one day we’ll get the Pokemon game we all deserve.


Steam reviews in a nuttshell?


Just laughs behind her screen Very refreshing review!