Evolve Review (first timer)


Greetings everyone, first time posting here.
After playing for a while and reading all the negativity about the game, I’d like to present my vision of the game in a review. This is the first time I’ve written anything like this so let me know what you guys think! Also, my native language isn’t english so there probably will be grammatical errors in it.

General Information

Evolve is an asymmetrical cooperative survival shooter developed by Turtle Rock Studios for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Four hunters work together to complete various objectives in diverse game modes. The catch, however, is that a player can also be a monster.

Currently there are 12 hunters, 3 of each class (Assault, Medic, Support and Trapper) and 3 monsters, with more coming to the game. This brings me to my first point. DLC!

Downloadable Content

By now we all know the quote that Evolve was built “from the ground up” for DLC. This has spread like a wildfire and continues to hurt the game. After reading up on the game, buying it, playing it and checking out the various DLC’s available, I must admit that it is a really nice system.

Future maps will be handed out to the player base so the community will not be split when the new maps hit. The difference is that people who pay for additional hunters and monsters….have…well, additional hunters and monsters to pick from. The currently available DLC’s are the Hunters Season Pass, which will give 4 new hunters (1 from each class) when they become available, and Magma skins for the 3 existing monsters right away and a wide variety of skins for your hunters and monsters. Future monsters and hunters will have to be paid for as well.

The way I interpret the quote above is that the game is made in such a way that the developers can easily add new monsters and hunters to the game, to spice things up. The way this was communicated was rather poorly and caused a huge backlash and a lot of misinformed opinions and critic.

I personally do not have any problems with the DLC system as is. Skins will not affect the gameplay at all, and at most will make some people jealous. New hunters and monsters will bring new gameplay, tactics, strategies and team compositions to the fold, which brings me to the next point in my review. Gameplay!

The gameplay of Evolve

At the time of writing I have clocked 38 hours, unlocked all the characters and monsters and have worked my way up to level 26. I haven’t reached a point yet where I have become bored of the game and I am still learning a lot from every match I play.

This game is NOT for casual gamers who want an easy game to take their mind of things. This is a game that benefits from a lot of communication between the hunters, so I would advise purchasing or using your microphone to enhance your gameplay. If you like to play monster, well, you don’t have that much team play in your game then! You’re the mastermind of the hunt and can rely on only yourself.

The amount of hunters, monsters and maps makes up for a gazillion possible encounters and fights, especially when you factor in the skill level of players. I’ve had matches where we’ve caught the monster in 2 minutes and matches that lasted an intense 20 minutes. The matches are pretty inconsistent when looking at time and intensity. While some may think of that as a bad thing, I think it is actually pretty fitting in this setting. Not every monster is as capable as the next, nor is every hunter as good as the other.

There is so much to learn in this game as well. The quick play mode of this game is called Hunt. In this mode you attempt to track down the monster before it evolves to stage 3 and wrecks your power relay or kills your team of hunters.
The hardest part, usually, is tracking the monster. There are so many ways of tracking them, though. You can follow the tracks left behind by a running monster, look for wrecked scenery like broken trees, listen to the sounds of the surrounding wildlife and use various skills from the available hunters to try and pinpoint the location of the monster. Maggie can follow her pet Trapjaw called Daisy, Abe can use his tracking dart gun to tag wildlife, Bucket can launch his head (mind you, he is a robot!) and scout ahead to track and trace the monster, Griffin can place sound spikes to monitor areas for monster sounds to give away their location and more tracking options are available to the hunters!

The fights are intense on both sides. The monster tries to kill the hunters and the hunters try to do the same to the monster. Since there are 4 targets for the monster, things can get a little hectic, and if you do not enjoy the adrenaline rush that a fast paced PvP game has to offer, then Evolve is not for you. But to have these kinds of intense fights, you must have a decent balance of power between the monsters and hunters.

Balance in new games

Because Evolve is pretty darn new to the scene, a lot of people are still learning the ropes of the game. This causes for cries of ‘Overpowered’ this and ‘underpowered’ that. Personally I find that the game is pretty well balanced apart from a few things. I’ll only talk about the most popular subject, the wraith.

The wraith is a fast, mobile and hard hitting monster. In my opinion a little too fast. The speed of the wraith makes it incredibly easy to shake off a team of hunters, feed up and reposition for another attack. I can get into that kind of gameplay if it was a bit more punishing for the wraith to fail an attack. Her stealth lasts a tad too long, or the decoy cool down is a bit too fast. Apart from that, I completely adore the wraith as the ‘rogue’ type monster she is. Her high damage is acceptable because of the fact that the wraith can be damaged pretty quickly when you have the chance to attack her. Just like the rogue archetypes we are used to from other games. High damage, speed but also squishy.

I’d also like to throw in that Abe’s Stasis Grenades are a royal pain in the backside. That may be because I haven’t the foggiest yet how to counter that, apart from clawing Abe’s face off when I get the chance.

Final verdict

Evolve provides an unique experience right from the start. The thrill of the hunt and feeling tiny as a hunter is a feeling I have not experienced in any game I have played before, at least not in the same amount that Evolve makes you feel. The adrenaline rush when you are a monster, running away while stage 1 with a mean tracking team right on your heels is also a great experience. You run away to get stronger and then bring the fight to your prey.

The amount of diversity and replay value offered by the core game is easily worth the cost of a triple A game and if you are a true believer in the phrase ‘Gotta catch em all’ then the DLC will make up for that!

The free maps down the line will give even more exciting battles and hunts to please the hunter/monster in you.

I’d like some more lore incorporated into the game, maybe some text you unlock by killing various wildlife to read up on the fauna of Shear and what the colony was there to do.


If anyone would like to play with me, I’m Thorgrammor on steam. Looking forward to seeing you on the EU servers!


You write better than at least 60% of Americans. :wink:

Well done – thoughtful, calm, considerate.


NOOOO!!! This is impossible because the game is totally crap!!!
The matchmaking sucks!!!
The characters are all OP!!!
40% of the responses your gonna see on here my brother so harden your heart till we get to the good stuff

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