Evolve reseting players to level 1

Evolve has reset my account to level one and locked all the characters I had unlocked. This happened in the beta and now its happened again please fix this ASAP

Good news! They are working on a fix now, and are going to get you your unlocks back when the fix goes out. It is a known bug on the 2K server side, and the dev team has been working around the clock to fix it.


This has been mentioned quite a lot already. A simple search would’ve given you the answers you require. Here you are.

UPDATED* 2/22 6:05pm 2 Co-Founder(s) + President/GM + Community Manager of TRS & 2K Sr. Manager on Progress Wipe & NEGATIVE STATS!:

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Vegeta, what’s the scouter say about your power level? image it’s been reset to 1!!! :(( hope this at least cheers some ppl up