Evolve Reflexes Save my Ass [vid inside ;)]


Life is funny, after almost 1000 hours of actual Evolve gameplay I ended up making a video (which I never do!) to praise and give some love to Evolve through another game, in this case Paragon!

So I was in this situation where I get cornered and singled out for death!
My teleport ability is on cooldown for 4 more seconds, I have nowhere to run to but an open space and I haaaaave to do something to make up for this time without getting too far from my tower!
Evolve reflexes kick in and scream in my head: ‘’ RUN TO THE LEDGE ! ! ! ''
Reflexes were right ! Hahahahah !
One guy goes down, the other one falls down the ledge as he tries to cut in front of me !
LEDGES SAVE LIVES ! ! ! Thanx Evolve for the lesson :wink:
Hope you guys enjoy :wink:


Haha! You juked him so hard!

Paragon and Evolve are my two of my 3 favorite games


What’s the third one btw ? X-D
I only play those two, add me on Paragon if you want same name IGN I am playing with some nice guys from Chaos Vanguard gaming community.
I will see if I can lure some of those people into Evolve too once the reboot takes place. :wink:


I don’t have Paragon sadly, It just really peeked my interest.

The third game is the Infamous franchise


By the way, some time this summer (probably later than sooner unfortunately :S) the open beta phase of Paragon will begin so you will be able to start playing :wink:


Like a free beta? I’ve never played a beta


Yes they already did a couple of free open beta weekends,the last one was 2 weeks ago I think, at some time this summer there is going to be a full free open beta phase. I’ll messsage you if they do another open beta weekend though :wink:


That was beautiful. You broke his ankles with those jukes :laughing: .


FYI m8 Paragon weekend coming up soon…
’’ Starting on Thursday, June 16 and running through Sunday, June 19, we’re giving
everyone a chance to jump back into Paragon for free.’’


I saw, I was waiting for you to say something :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if I said before, but I’m subbed to their YouTube channel