Evolve ranking system


So I’m only bronze elite, and I’m a little confused about the ranking system, sometimes I’ll deal over 12000 damage overall and only gain 2 pts from a win, and sometimes I’ll do under 5000 and still get 10+ points. however my real problem was I faced 2 determining rank monsters in a row and the first game the monster had no idea what he was doing and we captured and took him down in the first 2 minutes, I gained 43 points. I was shocked but happy and I played another game with the same team and got another determining rank monster, same thing happened, captured and killed him in under 2 minutes, then I LOST 21 points, that’s where I got confused, so I played another game, monster was AFK, I couldn’t help but just laugh at this point, but the second before we killed him, we all disconnected and I still LOST another 20 points, so all in all, I won 3 games, only gained 2 points. PLEASE HELP ME!!!


Disconnects count as a loss, but you shouldn’t have received a loss of points for winning. TRS is aware, there have been three people so far, including you, who have reported this so far.


I may be one of the three players who reported sarcastically this issue: link to my spoilt report

but I might have found the way Hunt 2.0 works:
It’s about the rank you have, if for example you are gold and win against a bronze, you get a tiny ammount of points.
But if we reverse the situation, that you are a bronze and win against a gold, you win a crap ton of points.
About losing, if you are a bronze and lose against a gold, you lose a tiny ammount of points.
If you are gold and lose against a bronze, you lose a bunch of points.

I don’t know if it’s confirmed but I think it’s like that.