Evolve ranked

Why is it that I play one match 13 matches I get to silver master at 100 points and I get 1 point for 3 games than I lose and I lose 48 points wtf! why is that like that bullshit


Join the club.


i used to have fun with Evolve, now I wait for 45 minutes just to find a game. Then I lose one match and get demoted by losing 70 points, lowering my rank that I spent days trying to get. The only viable means of this being a game, is arena mode, where you find a game within 2 minutes max, don’t get penalized for someone leaving your game, and can overall try out new things.

Hunt 2.0 only excessively extends your search time, creates frustration due to lackluster “ranking” and makes finding competent hunters nearly impossible. I spend HOURS in matchmaking only seeing sub-par bronze hunters that pose no challenge, earning 1-5 points each time, grinding days just to get a promotion to a level of play I already know I can compete at, then one match, to someone of higher rank, causes loss of ALL that progress. It’s the worse thing that has happened in evolve yet (In my opinion).


If you are on PC then you can join our steam group Evolve Global Network. There you can find people To play with.