Evolve Questions & Answers 2.0


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Ahem… Where are the cupcakes? And how many?

Answers will be highly appreciated.


Tell us about kraken-wraith stats in 9.0

Have you thought about creating Ice Monster ?

Any new map for Hunt can we expect ? Or new mode ?


They’re at the birthday party.


Oh, you know I mean ingame. In the maps and whatnot.



I also mean in game. In the hidden birthday party. That banner is in game.


Seeing that today is my birthday I should be invited and told exactly where this party is :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you guys know when the next sale will be? I know that’s 2k’s business, but I’m getting my computer built and would like to know.


I’m sorry, I can’t invite you to the party.

Okay, just kidding. I can, but won’t. Find it yourself! :yellow_heart:


Will TU 9.0 come with a ban system for ranked? Or is that further down the road, or not being implemented?


Now I can be obnoxious in an official thread!



Will there ever be a free weekend where every single piece of DLC (counting all the skins) is free?


Evolve Alpha elite skins when?





Are there new maps in the pipeline?

EDIT: Asked this in old thread, but if Evolve 2 gets made, would it keep the old cast?


The next patch will not have a banned system for ranked. I don’t have info on if it ever will or not. (Not being a troll, just legit don’t know)




when does 9.0 release


Patch 8.0 came out not too long ago, so I’m sure they either don’t know yet or they can’t tell us when 9.0 will be. Have patience, I’m sure the time between now and 9.0 release will fly by. :wink:


but t5 is done so faster maybe