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The previous Evolve Questions and Answers topic was starting to get a little crowded, so I thought it’d be a good idea to start a new topic for asking questions.

Because there was a lot of valuable information in the previous topic, I’ve taken all of the developer responses and put them in this topic:

If you’d like to look through the previous topic, then it’s here:

This topic is dedicated to questions for anything to do with Evolve. When you’re asking a question, please try and be as specific as possible so you can get the answer you want. If your question is one that can’t be answered by a community member, then your best bet is to tag someone from the Evolve development team and wait for them to reply.

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this came up in the live stream will daisy follow the decoy wraith or the invisible real wraith?


Good question. Let me lump this in the Evolve questions thread for better notice.


The answer given on stream tonight is that since the invisible wraith doesn’t leave any tracks, Daisy can’t track her when invisible.


But does it give ‘sneak footprints’? Similar to if you were sneaking around. I would think it would lean towards that and leave ‘stealth prints’ behind as coding no footprints during a limited portion of a skill for only 1 monster seems a bit high. However, I could always be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


So the official word from the AI team is that Daisy tracks tracks. Decoy doesn’t leave tracks and the Wraith apparently doesn’t leave tracks when cloaked either (I think she probably should though) so and answer is no.


Wow, surprising :slight_smile: So water + stealth makes Maggie sad face.


She should leave invisible tracks though, orelse that would almost defeat the purpose of escape. Does her warp traversal ability leave tracks? Or does it uncloak her?


But Daisy is something like a type of dog, a big dog. And I also have one dog and if I wear a sheet (to become invisible) the dog knows that it’s me because he feels me. Daisy should also feels the monster’s stink. Monster definitely stinks and Daisy should feel her/him even if is monster invisible.

The similar example is in Lord of the Ring where Frodo is wearing ring to become invisible and orcs can feel him.

The decoy is just an illusion but real monster will always stinks…


Do you mean it doesn’t leave “smell tracks” or actual tracks?
If her decoy doesn’t leave “foot” prints, I’m a bit sad :disappointed_relieved:


If her decoy doesn’t leave “foot” prints that means that if you can’t see foot prints it’s 100% decoy, not that sad…


They said that Decoy right now doesn’t leave any tracks, of either type, hence why Daisy can’t follow.

They also said that the decoy kind of flashes when you damage it, so it’s pretty easy to train yourself to realise when the decoy is in front of you instead of the player


Not if you’re Hyde with shield popped and flamethrower going. I love how fluid and hard to spot decoy is.


Sounds like a tidy idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I know, I’m spamming this place already, I know my way out.


So I know that all the gamemodes have been released but will there be any hardcore gamemodes where there will be limited to no hud? Or could u like alter some stuff in a custom private game to make it play like hardcore?


I would love that, the little indicators can be annoying at times


It would be a neat challenge, but evolve seems very HUD heavy, taking it away entirely at least seems like a bad idea, unless you like the idea of chasing a monster around without knowing your hp, or jetpack fuel level.


It would be neat but I imagine it would probably benefit the monster more


I would love a realism mode, no glowing foot prints, no bird indicators,

probably have to play against a monster bot because that’s a lot of advantage.