Evolve Question! Please help!


So I am trying to play Evolve with my brother who owns a separate xbox one.
We live in the same house, again with different Xbox’s, and every time we try to play one of us disconnects…

Is this supposed to happen?? Is there some kind of fix for it?
Any help will be appreciated.


Are you using the same account?


No we have separate xbox accounts.
We play many different games online together but just can’t play this one


Sometimes restarting the game will help with this problem, but it is a temporary fix.


Definitely tried that many times.


Disconnects from what? The game, XBox Live Servers?


We get into a party together me, him and 2 others.
We start matchmaking, searching, then find a game.
Once the game begins to load up (Into character selection screen) one us disconnects from the game a =nd gets booted to the main menu.


Sounds like internet connectivity issues


I am pretty sure it isn’t.
We can smoothly play any other game with no hiccups…
I’m thinking it has to be some kind of IP address issue type deal but have no clue how to fix it.


Is your NAT type open?
Me and my brother had the exact same issue and our NAT type was moderate to strict.
Once our network was tweeked and had an open NAT type, the problem stoped occurring


it is usually open but sometimes becomes strict randomly.
Maybe if I wait a while it’ll switch back?

If not, can you inform me on how you got yours to open?
Also do you and your brother also play in the same home?


Our NAT was fixed up by an employee of the isp we get wifi from, spectrum.
Also, me and my bro play in the same home as well.

If you cant have your isp tweak your network settings, i recomend asking someone here or searching up on google how to improve your NAT as my knowledge of how to do that manually had been lost to my sub par memory.


I’ve always had to reboot the Xbox and sometimes the router to reset my NAT.


Also not entirely sure, but, is the game shared between the Xbox accounts?


He already said no.


Can a game only be shared on the same console? I’m having mostly Steam in mind that’s why.


Yeah, pretty sure that’s how it works. Now, they could both have the game on two separate consolses and be playing using the same account, which would not work, but he already confirmed that they aren’t.


Yeah we have separate Xbox accounts.
We do however game share. That means when one us buys or downloads a game the other console automatically downloads it also.
But that really doesn’t apply this time because the game was free for gold so we both would be able to have our own copy anyway.

I also even have the disc version of the game (Played the mess out of it when it came out) so just now trying to get back into it since I can now play with my brother (plus other friends since it was free)

I’ll try again today and see what happens. May restart my router and what not and see if that helps.
Thanks for the help so far everyone! I’ll let you know how it goes.


Tried again just now.
Got to play 1 private match but after that we just went back to disconnecting again and again. Both our NAT types are open so that isn’t the problem

It’s sucks because I feel like there is a fix for this someway somehow.


Yeah im pretty sure these never got fixed. Also its not your console or internet its the game itself. This was a somewhat big discussion back than so if you try looking for a thread about this you might find work arounds in it.