Evolve question for devs

Hi Turtle Rock, on request of 2K games im sending you the same question.

My Question:
Hi a couple of years ago i bought Evolve but it wasn’t finished so i decided to wait. Offcourse i waited way too long, so i’m planning to start playing the game next week. But i’m also a trophy hunter and from what i could gather multiplayer matchmaking doesn’t work anymore. As none of my 130 friends has Evolve and i can’t gather people trough communities or boosting sessions, to get 2 trophies that require actual people to get. I ask is it possible to remove the trophies “Premade” and “Beat them all” or make it so that everyone who still wants to play and platinum this game, can get these trophies in single player with AI team mates. It would mean allot.

Response 2K:
I understand it’s become slightly more difficult to get those two trophies, which might be a bit frustrating for those who want to get 100% on the game.

I’d like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us.
Whilst we can’t ensure this change will be taking place, we will do what we can to forward your thoughts to the development team :slight_smile:

I’d suggest to also submit your feedback to the TurtleRock forums; here you can share your thoughts with the other players and get their opinion on the matter as well:

If you happen to have any other questions, feel free to ask them :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

Robin B.
2K Support

I think the best sulotion would be to change the requirments for getting those 2 trophies like win a round of hunt while in a party of 4 player instead it can say win a match of hunt (for the premade trophy) and for beat them all it says win a match in all online games, instead it can say win a match in all games. So that we can get those trophies with AI teammates. I hope you will think about it.


Hi need4speed1994, welcome to the TRS forum. :smiley:

As far as changing the requirements for the trophies, there really isn’t anything TRS can do as they are no longer working on the game. 2K would have to take care of it from their end as they took over development a while ago.

The best thing you could do, for now at least, is to try finding people here to play with. I’d imagine that’s why 2K pointed you over here in the first place. Creating a post in the ‘Looking For Group’ category is the best way to go about it if that’s what you want to do.

Hopefully 2K are willing to change them at some point though. It would definitely make things easier for others trying to get those trophies.


Honestly the best thing would be to enable cross platform and to enable matchmaking again. But i don’t see that happening any time soon. But yeah, i will make a post in the LFG categorie.


There are no more servers running for the game as of September 2018 so only peer-to-peer is available.

I would recommend joining this Discord server, it’s a fan made one for those who still actively play Evolve. Wish you luck!


Thnx skills4u2envy, silly question is discord also for playstation? I tought it was something for PC player. Edit: Nevermind i see #lfg ps4. Thnx for the invite. I’m currently working towards 100% on Mass Effect 1. After that i’m starting Evolve again.


Not to my knowledge. That’s only PC, but I could be wrong, I haven’t haunted around that server for at least 6 months now.

There’s a few players in the console communities still, as to where to search, you got me there.