Evolve Puns STAGE 3


How it goes.

Create Phrase (clever if possible)
Bold the word (related to Evolve)
Have fun (if not I’ll have Kraken send a lightening strike)


Monster Gender? He? She? It? YOU DECIDE!

Oh really? ^.-
Didn’t I participate Laz time? I feel like Hyding from you now…


Gobi sarcastic elsewhere @shin
… Jk jk stay here I will miss you if you leave ^.^


I like that one. Gotta remember Gobi. ^.^


I dunno how many more puns i can roll out.

they are just not as VALuable as they used to be.


Well well. This is a STAGE 3 thread so lets get Kraken
@Shin bold please


Well make sure to try your hardest. This isn’t a Bucket of Daisys


I had some more puns but Bucket


I think you’ve mined this subject for all it is worth. It feels like it has been Robbed of it’s charm


Boy I had a huge Hankering for this thread. I just hope I am not acting like a Tyrant


Puns never die. Thats why they Respawn over and over.


When I play as Goliath, the hunters are nothing but a SlabOMeat to me


oh were using forum names? thats definately stage-3! and now im a maddcow


Well call me an Evolve pirate cause I’ll make puns forum :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been interested in Evolve for a while, so I bought it the other day for a drop in the Bucket. My bank account was pleased with the decision, but now Evolve takes up most of my time, and things I need to Markov my check list never get done. I Hyde from the world, hypnotized by the glow of my computer screen. I have to remember to get Kracken on somethings, though, or else face the Wraith of my husband, but really, why should I? He’s a lazy Behemoth who sleeps on the couch all day, Crowing at me with a list of demands. No, I’m not angry, just hungry. So, I tell him, “You get off your Lazar-ass. Gobi useful somewhere.” I will kick him in the Shin if I need to.


@XkrSkorpion @kyronr600

What you get when you have a Goliath painting and owning a team?

A @SledgePainter


I don’t get the second one.




Pun off of Phil Robb. It was terrible, I know


…Oooooooohhhhh. I get it now.

And no, it was great! You’re really getting Kraken on these puns now. In fact I think I’ll Goliath down before you really get rolling, because I do not wish to be domed to read these puns any longer. In fact, I’m already wounded by this thread- one more strike and I’m out.

…Don’t hurt me.