Evolve Puns STAGE 2


How it goes.

  1. Create Phrase (clever if possible)
  2. Bold the word (related to Evolve)
  3. Have fun (if not I’ll have Kraken send a lightening strike)

OMG! The new hunters are being shown! I am feeling the Tiers.

Evolve Jokes TIER 1

What if the assault is the last one left? Will he run or hyde?


Slim chance it will matter


I belive he will be Abel to escape


Well either way, I don’t think the monster will really caira

that was a huge stretch, I know


This thread has much Value

I have a Hankering for an orbital barrage


I know! This thread is Kraken me up!


ill Behemoth when i see it.


I need a Bucket to hold all of these puns


Pssst really, this thread is for STAGE 2 Puns. Ramp up your game guys cause these puns look like they came from LAZ R US


I’m sorry, may I offer you some Daisies because I feel bad about these puns

Or should I just carrion?


or maybe i should make a new thread? I can Host it.


Don’t worry @Scapegoat you haven’t Baytrayed anyone .

Did I spell that right?


I think you spelled it right, but its unimportant, it’s Nomader


Thank you @Scapegoat Hanks for being a friendly Spotter


Skrew this thread, I’m off to the Gobi desert.


Your welcome friend, @Sky_Kid I think I’m going to Goliath down because I need a nap


These puns are Stage 2 Fissure. Can’t believe they have been Crowing so fast.


It’s raining here i wish it was a sunny day


Tor, vald these puns are actually pretty good.