Evolve PS4 Tournaments

This thread or the one you linked lol?

This one, sorry for the confusion.

Why close it?

Dude, please forgive me, I totally thought this was my thread. I’m a jackass, sorry. I honestly didn’t check and thought I owned this thread. :frowning:

I was so not paying attention, my bad!

Fail… :stuck_out_tongue:

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found this thread pretty late, wondering if you ever did the tournament or if you’re doing another? Would love to get involved.

Are you still doing tourneys? I have formed 2 squads for tourney play. We are currently looking for monsters to complete the squads.

I’ll play monster for you. I think I’m pretty good but obviously we would practice to get better. I’m aerosIV on psn and I desperately need a group I also play trapper

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I sent a friend request. It would be helpful if you would download the psn app. It makes communication and coordinating group events a lot easier.

Ok I will cause I’m not home right now I’ll download

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any one looking for a dedicated support player? PSN name ITZRACE

Sorry guys, no Tourneys here! I don’t know if @CivRules is still doing them. Sorry for the late reply. 16 days late… OMFG.

no hes not. he disappeared and handed it off to random ppl on the page. and they let it burn. like the roast of beiber burn.

good news, me and my team decided to make our own tournament, and if we can get community support we won’t let it die out.

do the major teams kno about this? should I let them know?

do the major teams kno about this? should I let them know??

Probably not, if you could that be a big help, I’m not even sure who they are.

I got Team Awesome and team Victorious Secret on my friends list, team VS has team Final Boss on their friends list ready to go. I kno a couple other guys on competitive teams

I let Seth_Morgan kno from team Victorious Secret, idk if he let the rest of the team kno. I havnt had the chance to let the others kno though. Whats ur team name???