Evolve PS4 Tournaments


This is where the main PS4 tournaments run by me will take place.
Team requirements are simple:
4 or 5 members.
Great behavior (I guess trash-talk is good.)
Team Emblem can be sent to me on here.
Twitch (and optional Youtube) accounts for ALL participants.
Have at least one person streaming the match so we can see what is going on.
Stable Internet Connections.

Once we have enough team members for our first match, I will reveal the date of the first game.

APPS FOR MODS TAKE PLACE HERE AS WELL! Just ask here and I will PM you the Application.

Requirements for team emblem:
No offensive drawings or words.

PSN ID of hunter 1-
PSN ID of hunter 2-
PSN ID of hunter 3-
PSN ID of hunter 4-
Twitch name (Can have multiple)-


Well I don’t have a twitch account right now, but I do have a youtube I never upload on tho. So I may not be able to join at the current time…Well I guess I could since only one person has to be streaming, but I feel odd about it.

Will be fun to watch even if I don’t join a team.


Yeah, it is going to be fun to watch. You could become a mod though.


Ecwsandman13 on twitch and PSN but I think it’s all caps on psn. Haven’t found a group or synced my twitch to my playstation but i bought the Sony gold headset just for evolve and I don’t work Sunday through Thursday so I’m prepared to be dedicated


Alright, will you be playing monster or hunter, some groups can have dedicated monsters.


Twitch Tv please~


I remember a thread made a long time ago. Didn’t you have to sell your PS4 or something?


Hehe, nah, got my grades up to A’s/B’s abd i got to keep it. I said it on the thread.


I guess I could if things don’t change by the time we actually have this going. If I do join a team I’ll likely be a trapper as that is the class I will try to master on release or 5th member monster.


I’ll make and PM the mod app to you.


What do you mean?


i really haven’t put in any time so it’s hard to say but I like being a medic and im eager to play whatever class I’m needed in,


I mean, please tell me if you’re gonna stream it on Twitch Tv or anywhere else.


I wont be, the other teams will.


I wanna be in a sqaud!


I think I’m pretty decent and I prefer to play as the monster, assault and medic


If you guys want, you can make a group app together.


We still need groups. Please make sure you have enough players to make a group.


Would u guys wanna do something like this @Plaff @michigan_ball


Of course
10 char