Evolve PS4 Tournament (Final 4)

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I’m looking into getting a team going, I’ll let you know if I manage to get enough people.

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What are the times of the matches. Afternoon hopefully, like 3pm EST???:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: @lz363

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The captain of the two teams playing each other will have a week to get in contact and schedule their own matches.

Edit:Just updated the post to help clarify, sorry, probably should have finalized that part earlier :sweat:

My team is ready, psn : blackhorns101291

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I’m a pretty beastly assault and a decent Val/caira. PSN Z3U5_JU1C3 message me if you’re interested. I’m available most afternoons and evenings during the week. Busy all day Saturday’s though.

I think part of the problem is that not everyone (myself included) knows how the DGL tournies are scheduled lol. I mean I get what you’re saying now, but I didn’t at first

You’re right, I meant it more as a frame of reference, but looking at it now it takes a bit of attention away from the explanation itself

It’s all good =)

Props for taking the initiative with this man

I’ve organised the original post a little with this being a pinned topic, just so it’s a little easier to read.


Im definitely interested in participating but i think im going to way a bit until the next major patch comes out. Hope this tournament is successful for you guys! good luck to you all!!

love it, thanks a bunch

So tht means we register our teams the. We are matched up against another team, and we coordinate with them to play our matches?

Who is going to monitor and regulate us?

You’ll have to monitor and regulate each other. If your opponent cheats, call them on it. Screen shot it, then send it to me and I’ll figure it out. If you win a match, screen shot it, send it to me, and I’ll record it. Pretty low budget, i know, but it should get the job done.

On that note @lz363, who gets pick of hunter/monster during these best out of 5? Do you guys do that for us during the bracket setup? Or do we have to go back and forth swapping hunters and monster between teams during best out of 5 (because thats going to hard, switching off hunter teams to monster player and vice versa)?

Whoever picks depends on how the bracket is set up, and that hasn’t been fully decided yet because I want to make it as fair as possible. As for swapping, unfortunately you will have to swap, I just don’t know any other way it could be done other than LAN tournaments which isn’t possible right now. The only idea I can think of is to make it best of 3 to cut down on the frequency of swapping, but more matches will always be better for deciding who the superior team is, so I’m not sure what the best move is there. I’m open to any suggestions.

My team wants to participate in the tournament.
My PSN is: aybboy

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My team wants to play in this tournament. We are ready Now.

PSN ID: ptom21


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@blackhorns101291 we ready? who is in our final roster?

Hello! Do you guys have a shout caster for your matches? If not then I would be interested in being a shout caster for this tournament. I do have a twitch account so I can stream these matches from observer mode. The name of the channel is OfficialEvolveCommunity. If there is an opening please let me know. Thank you so much!