Evolve PS4 Tournament (Final 4)


Me and my team decided to make a tournament for the PS4, registration ends April 30th, same day the new maps come out. Tournament begins that weekend. Sign up below, but only put your team captains PSN because I won’t be able to keep track of everyone.

Teams can have as many players as they want, and can freely swap members between matches. Teams ARE allowed to have solo monster players, but please list their PSN as well as your team captain so your opponents can invite them to games.

We need at least 4 teams, tournament will be cancelled if we can’t get to 4, and live streaming your matches is appreciated. If anyone is willing to jump into observer mode and shout cast on twitch, that would be incredibly helpful in building Evolve’s competitive scene.

Match Set Up

Difficulty - Balanced

Wildlife Population - Normal

Round Length - Default

Reinforcement Time - Default

Strikes - 2

Character Perks - On

Mastery Bonuses - Off

Elite Wildlife - Off

Map Effect - None


  • Maps

  • Aviary and Barracks are banned

  • Matches will be 3 as the hunters, 3 as the monster.

  • Tier 4 is allowed

  • If any team breaks the aforementioned rules, screenshot and send it to me, they can potentially be disqualified.


You will be given the name of the team captain you are scheduled to play. You have one week to get in contact with the captain over PSN and schedule your matches. First week starts May 2nd and ends May 9th. You will have that entire week to complete your matches. Contact and schedule your matches with one of the three sanctioned referees mentioned below.


New patch is coming out tonight, and since the first rounds of the tournament haven’t started yet, Sunny is officially allowed to play.


Brackets are set up into two groups. Both will be their own individual round robin bracket. There are seven teams per group. What team you are playing this week will be listed underneath your groups bracket. The maps you are playing on will be decided by the referees.

  • 6 total games will be played each week. You will play 3 games as hunter or monster, then switch sides and play the remaining 3 games.

  • Each of the 6 games is worth 1 point.

  • After 6 weeks, two teams with the most points from each bracket will be entered into the final four, and play in a single elimination bracket.

  • There are 7 teams in each group. 6 teams will play each week, and 1 team will have a by week, I apologize for the unevenness.

  • You must get in contact with one of three people to act as a referee to your match. They will invite the hunters and the monster players to their party, they will host the game and send out invites, and they will moderate Their PSN’s are: DracoDefender484 and roylAlphawolf and LosSalvatierras

  • If you can not get in contact with a ref, message me and we’ll figure something out.

  • Failure to comply with these rules could lead to disqualification.




I apologize for such a late update. Due to a bit of controversy, we decided to ban Reverse doming, and Sunny stacking shield drones

If you have any questions, message me.


I might try to make a team. I’ll let you know.

@xino_zero want me to sign us up?

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nice initiative
I’ll try and get a team


Me and a a friend are looking for a team. PSN handle is D-Bone1904, we can fill just about any role including the monster.

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Anyone need a monster player? Currently around 40:0 or so as monster, PSN is Brenzo45

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Let’s see if I could convince my team into competing since they are pretty busy.

as long as I don’t have work :smiley:

I don’t have a team but I’m a hell of a monster player Hint hint

Any reason Sunny is banned?

telemetry, she’s noticeably overpowered and most professional tournament rules i’ve seen have her banned. The micro patch will most likely come out before registration ends and she will be getting nerfed, so hopefully she’ll make it in.

It’s teams of 5 right?

Edit: nevermind, I missed it :stuck_out_tongue:

minimum of 4, but you can have as many as you want

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My team will play.
Captains PSN: KillThGovernment

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My team is in PSN: madbrad2194

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My Team is ready:
Captains PSN: lerrojen3000

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Nice guys we got at least 4 teams, Tournaments officially on, hopefully we can get more. @Plaff know any teams?

Before I throw my team into this tournament, I need a bit more info.

Along the lines:
-at what time we are facing other teams.
-Will this tournament be finish over that weekend (May 1 - May 3)?
Edit: Also, will this one match only to proceed or best out of 3?

Other than that, PSN TrickDJrenji, Team Captain of Team D.F.A.

As far as how long the tournament will go, that depends on how many teams enter. Matches will be best out of five, and match scheduling hasn’t been fully figured out yet, but expect it to be set up like the DGL tournament. Teams will see the name of the captain they are facing, and they have one week to contact that captain on PSN and set up what times to schedule their matches. Again, this hasn’t been fully realized, but it seems like the best way to do it.

Hit me up if you have any other questions, as of now I have your team entered.

Thank you for respond. Appreciated it, can’t wait to get this going. :smile:

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