Evolve PS4 surround audio, Dolby D-ex or DTS-es?


Just wanted to know which format the game uses so I can get the best possible surround sound my system is capable of.

Back on PS3 most of my games used Dolby and stated so on the box, I bought Evolve digitally so just wanted to know what format the game uses.

DTS gets me 6 channels, so it may be the best option, but if the game is made for Dolby I’ll keep using that, its worked well for this long after all.

What say you all? Thanks.


I use headsets on my PC, but you might want to try out both Dolby and DTS for your best personal liking. I don’t know anyone who have their PC/Consoles hooked up to surround sound.

Unless someone has any preferences with their surround sound. I use Bose on my console and I can’t make out any problems with it. My console is a 360 though, because I’ve entered 4K gaming.


What kind of system do you have?


I am playing on PS4. My Home theater is Onkyo 7.1.

The best formats my home theater supports are Dolby Digital EX(7.1 with simulated rear channels) and DTS ES (6.1 with the rear most pair of speakers sharing a channel)

I have always leaned towards Dolby Digital EX as it gives fairly obvious directional sound which is amazing for this game. Finding the monster is a feature of this system, lol.

But now that I think about it maybe I should be using the 6.1 channel mode of DTS? My two rear most speakers are pretty close together anyways so maybe not a big deal losing one of those channels?

It used to be a game supported one or the other, choosing the officially supported mode lead to better sound in games last gen, this info used to be easy to find.
Is it that the game supports them all so they dont bother listing this info anymore?

Thanks for the replies, please keep them coming.


LOL wut? So the 360 plays at 4K now hey? Or you mean you didnt bother to upgrade to PS3 or PS4 or Xbone because you switched to PC gaming?
I have been considering going to PC from console but I dont like the hardware disparity advantage high spenders get. I dont want to have to spend constantly to be competitive. Wins are directly related to hardware specs and I dont like that. But for offline gaming PC could still be a viable option for sure, just not sure what games I would play? Most of my favorites last gen were PS3 exclusive, so far this gen my favs are multiplatform MP games like Evolve and Starwars and offline exclusives like Infamous, Bloodborne, The Last of Us, etc.
It doesnt seem like PC gaming would suit such tastes.

Anywho, on topic I have also considered using a 7.1 headset, but even for $500 can they actually compare to a full fledged surround sound system? (I upgraded to 5 sub woofers!! 2 x 12", 1 x 10", 2 x 8", I’m all about that bass!)


I use Dolby 7.1 surround sound for both my Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrums and the surround sound system I have. You should be able to change in between Dolby and DTS within the PS4 settings.


You completely misunderstood me. I did not say once that I play Evolve in my 360. My point was that surround sound doesn’t matter much. As far as I know Evolve was not designed to work with a certain surround sound system (or channel). I was using that fact with my 360. I was explaining my point on my surround sound choice.

Since I do PC gaming, I have no reason for surround sound.

I also misunderstood this as a sound system selection, and not channel settings. My bad.

I’m not going to start a console/PC war, but it all comes down to budget and personal opinions.


Thanks for the feedback. So you use Dolby as well hey?

I know I can change the settings in the PS4 but I figured the game may have been optimized to one setting or the other??

Thats how it was last gen, some games when using the Dolby setting would max out at Pro Logic 2 or so, but in DTS would go to 6.1. Some games did the reverse and had 2 channel DTS sound but enabled Dolby D-EX.

Maybe I need to send a private message to one iof the game designers if they dont frequent these boards?

Any idea who is best to contact and how? Thanks in advance.


@ArPharazon might be the guy to talk to. If not, he’ll direct you to the right person.


?? Sorry but I haven’t implied you do play Evolve on 360, its not even a 360 game and I am sure we both know that.

I was questioning your confusing statement that “My console is a 360 though, because I’ve entered 4K gaming”

I suspect what you meant to say was you don’t game on consoles anymore, ever since the 360, because you have moved to 4K PC gaming. None of this has anything to do with Evolve though.

Now onto the topic at hand and a response to your statement that “Surround sound doesn’t matter much”.

I would really like a further explanation here, especially for a game like Evolve where I would place the audible clues at a higher importance rating then any visual clues the game provides. I find the monster with sound primarily and even the hunters to a large extent.

I guess surround sound is a lot like 4K gaming, people who haven’t tried it don’t realize what they are missing or how it can improve the experience and actually be an essential game mechanic.



Ok thanks man.


Yup he was the right party to speak with, he got me a response from the audio designer!

Basically the game doesn’t care about Dolby or DTS, it sends LPCM type uncompressed audio to the console, the console can then output to any format its capable of, in this case DTS, Dolby, or stay at LPCM.

If you use HDMI to your receiver then select multichannel PCM, if you use optical use DTS-ES or Dolby Digital-EX.

The choice between those two formats will be mostly user prefference.

For me I am trying DTS now, but my receiver doesn’t do DTS-ES, which uses all speakers in a 7.1 setup.

DTS 5.1 is higher bitrate then Dolby Digital 5.1, so if you only got a 5.1 setup use DTS.

If you have a 7.1 setup and your receiver supports DTS-ES, use that.

For me it looks like lower bit rate Dolby Digital 5.1-EX is the answer as it uses all my speakers(By matixing the left and right surround for left and right rear surround).

I am gonna test some more on DTS but am already missing those rear speakers when it comes time to find the monster.

And thats the thing here, numbers are one thing but the effectiveness of the spacial sound is what I am really after.

The Dolby Setting works really great, and the DTS setting is very usable too so far, I guess I was just hoping the extra bitrate in DTS mode would have been more noticable, wonder if the HD codecs are as unperceptually different as well?


Now I’m wondering, does every game do this or is it just Evolve?


According to the response I got its the consoles problem to deal with now, (as in this gen) not the games.

Last gen games had to state on the box which they supported, so far this gen I have yet to see any logos of this kind on retail packaging, so this reinforces that statement.

So Sony has to pay the licensing fees, game devs dont.

On PC its gotta be the motherboard or sound card that carries the license to encode/decode to those formats.


That’s good to know. That means I can always use DTS 7.1 and it will work as intended.


That brings up another question though, can devs still prioritize a certain audio setup or configuration over another to make the experience better for Saud setup or configuration?


It doesn’t sound like it.

He said “the game doesn’t care about Dolby or DTS.”

So the only question would be if the PS4 has better encoding/decoding for one or the other.

As you are on PC I expect, it may depend on your sound card/MB.


Nope, I’m on PS4 actually. I’ve just always been big about sound quality. Things need to sound good, no matter what.


Ok so in my receiver it turns out I have DTS, Dolby Digital 5.1, and Neo:6(Which is another DTS mode)

Turns out Neo:6 is just a method of extracting virtual surround sound from a 2 channel source, and now that I know I will never use that mode again, lol!

My Dolby Digital-EX is true 5.1 surround, but adds two “virtual” matrix-ed speakers for directly behind you.

My standard DTS mode is true 5.1 surround at around twice the bit-rate of Dolby Digital 5.1-EX, but doesn’t include the rear most speakers.

So when you say DTS 7.1 is there more to the name then that? Like DTS Master Audio 7.1?

In the end it sounds like the best audio mode any game will support on consoles is via HDMI, Multichannel LPCM, if you cant use that then DTS Master audio or Dolby True HD.

If by Optical then DD 5.1-EX or DTS 6.1-ES.

Can your headset use HDMI?


Awesome another PS4 user with surround sound, I think we are a rare breed.

Is this your PSN name? Can I add you for this game?