Evolve Ps4 Gold Skin Error


Hello Hunters And Evolving Monsters!!
I Have a Bug that Rarely i see the gold skin
I did earn these skins, But my Ps4 Got intialized
After That reinstalled Evolve, Skins gone
I do see them sometime Although
But i Cant show you the pic of the problem because im a new user
If i can, il show it something
Happy Hunting Hunters!!


Did you relink your 2k account and use the same PSN?


No Im afraid


Post the link with a “>” in front of it.

Also, try to relink your My2K account.


This has been happening with my gold skins for weeks sometimes I have them sometimes I don’t.


I never had a my2k when i got the skins soooo?
will it be fixed turtle rock?
Please respond soon