Evolve Ps4 blue screen error after frozen screen


He’ll trs and the community.I was playing hunt 2.0 on the ps4 and two times today the game froze on me prompting a blue screen saying error. I used behemoth once and kraken, if that helps .I lost a total of 20 for my ranking.I understand that there are some technical difficulties behind this game still. Is it possible to make the ranking system realize or rather differentiate between a premeditated disconnect between a system error


If this topic is about the bug, you’ll probably want to change it to the Bugs category; or if this is about suggesting that the point system for rank differentiates between intentional, and unintentional leaving, I’d change this to Suggestions, but I think there’s a few topics on that already, so it might be merged with one of those.


Its mainly a Bugs Category thread thats offers a suggestion on how to fix the Original Post bug.