Evolve Proving Grounds NA Semi Finals Footage


This is my first time posting & I’m not sure if this the best avenue to say this but,

My name is Joseph Reyes, Xbox GT: Terrawriterjr. I played in the Proving Grounds for NA tournament making so far as the Semi Finals along with teams like Vanquish, Hyde in the Stink, & Evolve Hype. Now while the Semi Finals or the entire tourney may be a faded memory to some it was my first twitch recorded tournament and that being the case I am truly disappointed to see the VOD is no where to be found. No record of the matches besides written reviews exists to my knowledge even though it was featured on the “TRS EVOLVE TWITCH CHANNEL”. I have pleaded in other media’s in order to regain this footage & have gone unheard. So I am asking once again on the forums for a chance to see this video again. If the footage still exists please allow me the chance to save such a moment that is all I am asking.


If you remember the date of the event, you could find a stream on the same day on the channel.

I wish I could help you know, but I and others are most likely sleeping. (Or should be. :stuck_out_tongue: ) The forums aren’t as active now.


Thank you for the response but essentially my problem is there is no highlight or past broadcast of the Proving Grounds tournament. It’s as if the footage never was recorded. The ESL Majors, Beat the Pro and PC Invitationals are all online for anyone to see but Proving Grounds is missing. Nor is there an available copy on any other sites such as youtube. Early June 2015 is a blank period for some reason. Again thank you for any replies


As long as it’s not highlighted on Twitch, it’s gone. Twitch only stores VODs for ~2weeks


It would sorely disappoint me if some type of recording was not saved internally by TRS considering it was their biggest tournament. I merely want the chance to get a copy of that footage since I personally participated in it, I am sure every other player in the tourney would also love to rewatch a personal VOD


I want to see these videos too. would be a shame if they did not save them.


Huh, it used to be here:


That was the link for the NA Semi Final VoD

@Shaners @DB_Sinclair @Chloe any help?


Like I said, if it’s not hightlighted and just a past broadcast, it’s gone.
Your link not loading a video for me so I think, it’s not a highlight.
(I miss my session on the Evolvegame stream too, I want the version with DB on commentary and forgot to download it :()


I have already said that the content is not online, I understand this to be true. I am seeking a copy in any saved format, if TRS does not have a copy of the footage they recorded of us then I suppose that’s the end of it. I will wait for some sort of higher up confirmation or reply, thank you for the assistance.


Would be nice to be able to go back and watch it. Strange that only the proving grounds has no recorded footage anywhere.


Really strange. There’s footage of every other tournament from past to present, yet the largest tournament has no recording. Was there a reason why?


There’s a link on the now defunct evolvehype.com website (skills posted it) so some footage was there at some point but now seems to have been deleted


I’ve searched for these myself for another player and they are indeed gone. :frowning: