Evolve Proving Grounds 2015


What is the Proving Grounds?

The Proving Grounds cup series features 4 online qualifier cups per region (North America & Europe), in which teams earn points towards qualifying for offline finals in Burbank (USA) & Cologne (GER). The top 2 teams from the regional offline finals will then fly to Los Angeles (USA) and fight for a share of US $100,000 prize money in the global finals.

Learn more: http://play.eslgaming.com/evolve/xbox/evolve-one/major/proving-grounds

European Online Qualifiers

North America Online Qualifiers

Proving ground rules

Why am i below 18 years old again.

This seems quite interesting.


Age restrictiction!? Whats necesarry to enter!?


Try getting your mom to allow you, before you are 18 years old to go to america and PARTICIPATE IN A TOURNAMENT.

Seems like a couple of people flagged me for thinking i was being racist to americans, i was not, i am european ( as in, traveling to america costs money ), and im not even sure if an underage person can participate in those tournaments.


…i dont need this…i dont need any offensive comments you throw at me…banana AWAY!


gets excited
realizes he is brazilian


Another America and Europe one when does au get one and why do we have to be 18 it’s a 15+ game


This is that xbox thing right?


Anyone need a monster I will be willing to try out I think I’m pretty good


Im rank 158 W/Behemoth, rank 157 W/Wraith, rank 95 W/Kraken and rank 534 W/Goliath.


-and im looking for a team .i have all monsters elite and 12 out of 16 hunters elite. Furthermore, i have 21 out of 36 stars for the new hunters. I doMin8E as the monster! Just ask me for my GT if you are interested in recruiting me.


Hey man, get me your gt, were lookin for a group, we have 3 players, all top 50 in our respective roles and would like to get more people To compete


Age restriction.

Wow. Okay.


Only for Xbox… Age restriction…

Am I only one who thinks that this tournament will be a total bust?


Ps4 community gets no love :frowning:


Below 18 is a minor and there can be a lot of issues that they don’t want to have to cover. If you’re 18+ then you are responsible for yourself. They don’t have to go through parents, legal guardians, someone suing because a contestant didn’t have a ride pick-up or the kid is missing, forged signatures on release forms, etc. There is a lot of hassle and loops the company has to jump through when dealing with minors to protect the minors and the company, so to keep it smooth and less of a pain, they made it 18+

Sad reality. Sorry kids :older_man:


No Australia…


You don’t even have Evolve on Xbox…
But if there will ever be a tourney like this for PC, I can see if I can pick you and your mother up. :wink:
(No, the wink does not mean that.)



Hopefully some Sony producers are sitting somewhere debating on a PS4 tournament. Xbox gets all the good stuff!! Except the PC, Master Race Ahead of Consoles edition. So jealous. :sob: