Evolve Profile Service ERRORs


I finally have a gaming computer and i was excited to play evolve 2.0. I managed to play a few games, but now every time I try to press play it gives me an evolve profile service error, saying that i cant connect to my profile and to check my connection. Every time I attempt to sign in again, it does the same thing. I tried using a different profile, reseting my internet, and uninstalling, but none of it works. Does anyone know how to fix this?


IIRC there’s currently an issue with the profile servers.
You’ll need to contact 2K directly for support.

2K http://support.2k.com/


Yeah, I wouldn’t bother; I’ve had this issue for about 3 months now - ever since they took over.

They just stonewall you, saying they’re looking into the issue and to follow them on 2K / Facebook, even with all the data & info I’ve supplied them - immensely frustratingly for a product I paid good money for. My profile error doesn’t even allow me into the menu…


Delete client.m2k and cache.m2k. This will get you passed the server log in issue


It’s only temp


Have tried that soooo many times… :wink:


It started working on its own


You’re so lucky :frowning: I’ve been trying for months (literally), hoping one time I might have some luck


I am having the same issue and have tried everything. What might be causing the issue? Is it to do with the steam profile at all?


Dunno what causes it. It was working just fine yesterday after so many days of it not working and now it isn’t working again. It’s annoying as hell.