Evolve profile service error

Basically downloaded this game yesterday and was playing fine for an hour took a little break and when i came on to play I’ve kept on getting the same error code “Evolve Profile service error” “Could not connect to evolve profile service.Please check your network connection. Would you like to sign in again?” It allows me to play in training but does not allow me view challenges or play online.I was wondering as to why its doing this and if there is any possible fix I’ve looked through my routers firewall settings along with verifying the games cache. I don’t think re-downloading the game will have any effect on it

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I have an exact same problem since this morning. I have been playing the game for 10h total over last few days and didn’t have this kinds of problems. A friend I have been playing with has the same issue.

I can try downloading the game again, I guess…

I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and everything is working again normally for me.

Not 100% sure, if something got fixed on the server side while I was downloading the game again, or if the ERROR was actually on my side, but it is fixed now for me.

Same problem here only that I just downloaded it and couldn’t even play 1 game.

Steam has been down for the last half an hourish, I think it may have just come back up.

Edit: it’s not back up yet, though it is getting back online slowly

I have the same. I tried to solve the problem by unistall and reinstall the game, but that didn’t work. Can you guys help or tell when, they fix that error?

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I have the same error now. No silver keys and no punch card rewards.
Hope it will be fixed soon.

It could be a server has gone down temporarily, or for some reason the great spirit of the internet won’t grant you access to it. So it may take care of itself.

If not… I don’t think this is exactly the same problem, but consider this: