Evolve Profile Pics


When is evolve gonna bring out some evolve profile icons for the different ps4 and xbox 1. I personally hate all the current profile pics on xbox, and would love to see evolve pictures to choose from.

@MacMan @MaddCow


yas ii wud want a karken bakground u feel fam??


I would luv to have my cybersquid as my profile pic.


i wunt a blu r idk y i lik blue an i lik r


I wuv me some fwish awound hear as my pwofile pic.


My Xbox profile pic…always and forever :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to move this over to the general category if that’s fine with you and that would be cool for sure


my psn profile pic till the day I die x3


I would love an Evolve profile pic on XB1!

But if you notice on XB1 they do not have any game/movie specific profile pictures to choose from like they did on 360. It’s all just art right now.


Is it not about community content tho? Just curious.


@SledgePainter, Can you make a “Karken” emote?

Not the kraken, the karken. The karken is like a super-derpy kraken.


I just imagined an EgoRaptor style Awesome series clip there. Karken leaps in the air, freezes, whips his tentacles around to charge up a lightning strike, ties himself up in his tentacles, fries himself, falls to the ground and begins rolling away like a Behemoth.

Poor karken. :frowning:


Community Content is usually stuff that is made by the Community such as art, videos, streams, etc. as well as the sub-categories for finding members and groups.


alright then.


I like the idea but Idk if I’ll ever be able to replace Ellie with Sunny… I like both alot but Ellie wins everytime, I think.

My xbox one is a piece of toast who has been biten. So he has an angry face. I die everytime I see it. Unlikely to change it.


Profile pics?!