Evolve profile issue on Xbox One


Hi guys. i ve to report u an annoyng issue on my xbox one.
as in the aplha,as in beta, also in this final version of the game if i ve 2 different profile logged on my xbox one …
the game (randomly) :
-change primary profile (who access to the game) and THE GAME back to main menu.
-change primary controller (maintaining the rigth profile) and i can’t no more “control/command” anything so I have to back to main menu.

this is really annoyng cause this appens also during a game…

please fix it.


If you sign out of one before playing will it sign it back on during a game or does it stay off?


i always log 2 different profile before playing (cause we use the “instant access” or something like this on xboxone).

but…as i reported this issue is an old issue, there was in the aplha and also in the beta so i had the time to check/try some different solutions…but without success.

infact i ve waited this “final version” hoping developers could solve it .


What was said in the old thread? Go check that out. Maybe there is a fix there or some updates.


sorry man, but i can’t understand.

during the alpha i tried to log off , log on, log before, log after ecc ecc…but nothing changed.
during the beta i tried to log off , log on, log before, log after ecc ecc…but nothing changed.
now (in this moment) i tried …and there is no fix or update.

ps:maybe i was unclear… this issue is not "always " so…it’s impossible to me check a new solution and report the results immediately.

i just want to report this case to the developers.


Oh i see now. That is my bad.


This sounds like issues ive had in other games with my xbox one. I had this happen to me a lot with Destiny. It happened mostly because of kinect, signing my son in, sometime when i load the game it would do it. But destiny did exactly what you are describing. I must say though that i havent had the issue with evolve. It hasn’t happened to me at all since i got a 2nd xbox for my son, so we arent constantly switching profiles and what not. I feel for you though, it seems like its a random thing and is anoying.


thanks for support :smiley:

but kinect “is not the guilty”… as u describe i know what kind of problems it can create with profiles ,so i decided to remove all “faces access” options .


it’s happened again…2 mins ago. :cry: