Evolve Pro?


I heard people talking about playing pro in Evolve. What is that?


Playing at a competitive level most like.


Playing pro in Evolve I think would suggest that you made a living of playing Evolve (competitively that is). Something that might be possible in the future, but not right now.

If you are interested in stuff like that, this video might be interesting to you. :smile:



I don’t think playing Evolve will make you eat food in real life… Prizes are like 100 euros for ESL tournament if I am not wrong…


So yeah.

Also I think it’s 100 euros which will then be split in five. So 20 euros for each player on the team.


Yup… :wink:


Ah you need help? Iam pro. Ask me.


It means to play competitively in things such as the weekly/monthly ESL tournaments. Unfortunately they do not offer big prize money but we hope to see Evolves competitive scene grow as time goes on :blush::blush::blush:


Ask maddcow his team won the esl tournament a few weeks ago.


As a guy who have participated in all ESL’s and won 1 i can tell you that no,there is no living out of Evolve :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont even agree with the term PRO.Maybe competitive players?Again dunno.

Anyway what we do is we play every Sunday Evolve for the ESL cup.The winner takes 100 euros the 2nd place takes 50.For each place you finish, between 1-8 you gather points.At the end of the month the 8 teams with the most points will play for the Montly cup which is 350 euro(if i remember correctly the prize).So yeah nothing big going on right now.
If you have a team of 5 feel free to register at play.eslgaming.com/evolve/pc/ .Its always good to see new teams.And there are some good matches happening.

As for the future?We can’t tell yet.We surely hope to get better,even get a LAN event in Europe like the one happened at PAX