Evolve prices on different consoles?


So on PC, evolve from Amazon costs £33.85 but £47.99 on the other consoles. What is the reason for this? Is the PC going to have less features, or was the game originally designed for PC but has to be converted to the other consoles which is why they are considerably more pricey?


That’s odd. On US Amazon, it’s the same price for PC and console versions. The game is going to be the same across all platforms; PC is definitely not going to have less features. Must be something with Amazon.


Game have something similar - £34.99 PC to 47.99 Console.
Grainger games has it at £29.99 and 44.99.
Gamestop at £25 and 44
Shopto at £34 and 49

A quick check of other games makes it look like console versions are often more expensive than PC, even
buying the disk as opposed to downloading.

A quick check online makes it look like putting the game on console adds fees to Microsoft or Sony; AND because consoles have a lower entry cost, sell more stock. So they can add a bit more for that extra pile of money.

Don’t know why it would be different on USAmazon though.


Years ago all PC games used to be considerably cheaper than their console counterparts, at least in the UK, but why this was I’ve no idea. I would say due to the lack of retail stores selling them, trucks delivering them, factories putting the disks in the cases, artists making the cover art and so fourth, but on Amazon I’ve noticed it’s a CD and not a key, so it has all of the above mentioned.

Nope, and very rarely have I noticed this be the case. It might just be that the PC version costs less to make and thus costs less to buy, but the games industry isn’t that black and white any more. 'Tis a curious case though!