Evolve pre-order unavailable in CIS(post-soviet) region


@Damjess and anyone in control of relations with 2K, there has been an issue since the arrival of DLC packs to steam: CIS region can no longer pre-order Evolve,

This is what the Steam store page appears to be for Ukraine and Russia, I am going to make an assumption that the rest of the region is affected as well. This has been on for almost two weeks now.

Thank you.

There is a workaround for this, fully functional as of 25/01 for pre-ordering the base game and hunting season pass:

Does the Ps4 community have any assurances of equal treatment? @TRS not caring about Digital Ps4 preorders being unavailable
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Release soon, but still no pre-order. Can anybody from dev team ask 2K about this, please?


2 days ago I opened a ticket to 2K support, they acknowledged the issue. No explanation yet.


That’s weird, I’m from Ukraine and I’ve preordered the game. Though I did it 2 weeks ago.


pre-orders was closed here right before beta.


And so did I back in December.
The issue emerged roughly around 14-15 January.


We really need to know about this.


As much as people hate Slavs in multiplayer(and there are plenty of reasons to) CIS gaming market is huge and continues to grow yearly. What is 2K trying to achieve cutting this whole region off?


@ElvenNeko @z0mb1k @Ensianto

They say the reason is national currency instability, which is weird, considering that CIS countries don’t share single currency. Another point is that the rest of the 2K catalogue is available on Steam for the same prices it has been since 1 Jan.
I say the support lady doesn’t have a clue.
The search list shows the game is up for the same price it has been


Well, I guess we have to contact Steam support. Not much time left until the release :expressionless:


Thanks… will write to steam support too. If they will not re-open pre-orders will try to ask them to return money from my steam wallet so i can pre-order game in another place…


I’ve already filed 2 support tickets to Steam.
As for canceling pre-order, there is no need contacting support for it any longer.


Just got a reply from Steam support saying: “game is unavailable in your region, release date unknown”. [Robot stating the obvious!]
Now, can we at least get this issue acknowledged by the devs? @MacMan , I know you’re probably not in the whole regional distribution loop, but this is a serious problem, people have to resort to what is basically a url hack to pre-order the game. This isn’t how it is supposed to be. Neither 2K nor Steam support have any answers whatsoever. 14 days to release…