Evolve Posters and Poetry


I enjoy using both Photoshop and writing poetry, so to alleviate my anxiety about getting into the upcoming Alpha, I’ve decided to make some Evolve poetry/poster things.

I’d appreciate constructive criticism for those that would give it because I’m trying to improve in both areas.

I’ll keep posting these periodically when I can think up new ideas.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy.


Really like both of them, only criticism would be to use a less-cartoony font. Apart from that, they’re both great :slight_smile:


Gotcha. Are you talking about only the kraken one or both of them?
Also, thank you :]


I would say more for Kraken, not so much the letter. If the second one is meant to be a hand-written letter then I’d try to make it look more hand-written, but that’s just me. If you want it that way then obviously you don’t need to change it :smile:

And you’re welcome


I really love these, dude! Maybe I should write some haikus about Evolve?

Goliath is strong,
But so is Bucket as well,
So it stands no chance!


Bucket’s Love


Teeth and Bone

P.S. Tried to use normal text, I think it turned out well


That’s hilarious.


Wings of Steel