Evolve POP Vinyl


So I brought these from a comic book shop, really happy I brought them. I was just thinking if TRS/2k were going to make another contract with POP Vinyl to create any more characters? I was kinda disappointed when there was no Daisy with Maggie and I would love to collect all the hunters


Could get the Goliath one to complete Tier 1? :slight_smile: Would love to see future tiers though!


Unfortunately the shop didn’t sell Goliath. Honestly I hate playing Monster so I would only buy the hunters. Maybe I would buy the monsters after collecting ALL the hunters though


I have Maggie and Val. I’m missing the others.


I never bought the Hunters because I always think the POP figures never have enough detail for me. The Goliath is the first I’ve ever bought because it looked awesome even though I suck (like really suck) at Monster lol

I would LOVE at least a Daisy and Gobi though.




oh yeah I have legacy goliath


Did you ever finish painting that POP figure with the vodoo skin?


… no lol
I’m looking at him on my desk right now though, thinking "I should finish you"
And bald, unfinished Maggie is right next to him. Damn, so many projects!

I’ll need to clear a weekend and just go to town or something.


You are way talented and I was liking the progress on them!


Scrub doesnt even have savage goliath :smile_cat:


Seriously, I wish Maggie had Daisy. They don’t even have to be two separate pieces. Ah well, Tier 2 would be amazing!


I actually have the other two ordered. Just waiting on delivery.