Evolve POP! Goliath - glow or no glow?


Hey you awesome community members of Evolve! I was looking into buying the last evolve POP! vinyl figure that I’m missing, which is the Goliath one. But then I noticed that there’s also a glow in the dark version of it which I hadn’t seen before.

So I’m just wondering if anybody here own it, and if they think it’s been worth the extra asking price? :slightly_smiling:


  • How much does it glow? Anybody got some pics they wanna show off?

  • Is the glow even noticeable after standing in a normally lit room for a couple of hours, or do you really have to place the figure under a light to get it glowing for real?

  • Does the finish look different from the standard one? Is one more matte perhaps or something like that, or do they look exactly the same apart from the glow when the lights go out?

Thanks for your inputs! :smile:


I think @TheMountainThatRoars has all of them.


I… think t-
@Jev, I swear!


I have a glowing and a non glowing Goliath. The glowing Goliath doesn’t really glow. It’s a shimmering red that dissapears after a few seconds. When I grew up, I had glowing in the dark stuff that lasted way longer and was in a bright greenish. The finish on the Glowing one looks more like a paint. Everything in order, no “hickups” or details while the normal one is more asymmetrical. Btw, there is a Savage skin Goliath too


Double kill!!

Don’t let me get the triple…


Get rekt, Chawy


Thanks for your input!

And I know about the savage one, but it’s just a bit too shiny for my taste. I’m more into the matte look :slightly_smiling:


no u.


Take the normal one. I havent unboxed mine so far but I can make some picks of the glowing one since I wanted to check the glowing out


Yeah, the normal one might be the best pick for me :slight_smile: Would still love some pics of that glowing one though!

BTW, I love how fast everyone are at replying in this forum!


Nothing better to do, to be honest. I try to help ;_;’ But I’m sick today, so yah. :C


Savage for the win.
Not that I own any.


Here’s the forehead from the normal version. Above the Forehead of the glowing one. You can see the difference between the finishs



Yeah okay, standard one seems to have more detail in the non-glowing one.

And I’d heard about the smell being bad x)

I’ve actually also been thinking a bit about getting the Legacy Action Figure Goliath instead, but I’ve head from a lot of reviewers that it’s very brittle and can break easily. I’m not really gonna be playing with it I guess, but I will be taking it out of the box and posing it if that’s the way I end up going.

Anybody have any experience with this figure? :slightly_smiling:


All the legacy figures are very brittle but very awesome. The goliath one is probably the most sturdy and best made though! And to be honest, it is even more awesome when you get to physically pose it. I’m glad I got it!


I honestly just want the thousand dollar statue. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s so insane!

The Bucket one also looks absolutely gorgeous, but a date or price hasn’t been added yet.


There is a new Kraken one aswell! But it’s $2200.

Nope nope nope.


He’s been around for a while. I want it so badly.


Glow is lame. Savage is where it’s at.