Evolve Podcast


When the beta matchmaking servers closed down there was a lengthy discussion between my friend Pajamaman and some of the players that were in the Evolve lobby with him, at that time. We all ended up talking about some good points regarding the beta and even TRS’s Mr Strategio was in to hear at least most of the discussion. It got me thinking.

Does anyone think having an Evolve podcast would be good? Would anyone listen? I’m not sure how often we’d make a podcast. I was thinking we would record bi-monthly, but only have the first podcast before the game’s official release.

Does anyone have questions, comments, or concerns about this idea?

The aforementioned beta discussion was uploaded to Youtube by Pajamaman, at my request. I <3 you, Paj.


Bumper cars


I enjoyed listening to what other players that were really experienced with the game had to say. It confirmed some of my thoughts on the balance of the game and a few other things.

Because of the game’s format, someone will always have more experience in one role than you will. A podcast with variety of experienced players would be a a good way to make up for that.


Yes. I’m reaching out to a few players to see if they’d be interested in doing a podcast as well.


Podcast sounds fun. But how would we do that exactly?


I have Pajama and v.Link to join me. I’d have it slightly structured with some main points that I feel we could discuss. If there’s enough of a following, there are some other things we could do as well. I’m shooting for it to come out sometime before the game releases.


Update: I think next weekend would be good for us. If anyone really wants to join, you can reply here. I’ll probably only take one more person.


Being that my team and I plan on doing much of the same thing (more so competitive scene focused) I think it is a good idea if done right.

First off, openly shit talking one of the guys who has put a shit ton of time into the game itself and cares about the scene itself (Even casted the DGL Finals with L1nk and @GentlemanSquirl) kinda put me off the whole thing. It really sounded like you were talking out of envy of the man just because he had a press copy and you didn’t (while numerous other streamers also had a press copy as well). Which is not something you would want to showcase on a podcast or even on your own stream for that matter.

From the rest of what I watched you guys (Sacriel) presented some good topics, got your thoughts out and it was cool to see what a few players thought about the game. While I don’t agree with everything that was said, I though most points were presented well considered how unorganized the whole thing was and. Also this was an older build according to most TRS guys I talked to, so hopefully most the bugs you guys brought up are actually fixed in the retail build of the game.

Also Caira and Cabot #1 and get outta here with my Russian from the red planet hate :smile:


Who was I talking shit to? I talked some shit to @GentlemanSquirl, because he wasn’t intentionally playing monsters on stream like he was supposed to. I couldn’t learn a damn thing, if he’s trying to fight stage one, because he feels it’s “sportsmanlike.”

Also, my opinion of the DGL is a bit of a joke. I simply can’t give much weight to those teams, when there was still too much RNG in the game’s build. On some maps, on a lucky run, you can pick up 35% damage increase buff AND get about 3/4 shields only a few seconds after the hunters touch down off the dropship. I mean, if a million people were watching that game and saw that shit, they’d go nuts. They need a special mode, or keep RNG elements fixed, for it to even have a chance.

EDIT: I did talk some shit to Sacriel as well. I hate it when people don’t take their opponent seriously and then get recognition for the win. He has a large fanbase and I’m already doubtful when someone with a large fanbase is claimed to be “the best.” There is almost an inverse-correlation with followers/views and player skill. I’ll just add pewdiepie, for one example. I don’t think Sacriel is a terrible player. I just hate it when that’s the major consensus, simply because he has the largest audience.


A podcast might be something I would be interested in provided I have time, would give me something to do between now and release


I was referring to the bit about Sacriel around the 30 minute mark, which I had mistaken for you which was actually PJman. But my main point about all that is I understand you may have an issue with a person or a way they present themselves but don’t go out and say it publicly on something you want to turn into a community driven podcast. Like what disagreement you have about the way he presents himself on stream or just talks to his viewers about who he is playing against is fine, but don’t go out and openly shit talk the man who wants to push this game like no other and is genuinely passionate about the game.

I don’t know if you actually watched any of the DGL or even tried to play against the people in it but I would go to say it was not a joke at all. Compared to what I saw around level 25-30 pubs the monsters and hunters actually knew how to play the game and actively control the buffs on the map. I think of it as similar to quake where you need to control certain areas of the map for weapons. Being able to control the map is huge in any competitive game, and that is mostly what allowed us to pull ahead in game 1 of the finals where we were able to take out the health regen perk early on, grab poison for the mid game and secure damage towards the end of the game.

I really don’t see the game as having that much RNG to where I feel cheated out of a win or anything, I think buffs are great how they are now and give an interesting dynamic to Hunt mode where it actually creates points of contention on the map as opposed to just running around trying to find sneaking monster who are afraid to fight before they hit level 2/3.


I’m sure it wasn’t literally “a joke.” There are some reasons why I didn’t join the DGL Beta Tourny, even though I’m a successful competitive player:

1.) I live in Japan. My latency to NA servers is around 150ms. You should already know that most competitive games have an 80 ping cutoff. Games like CoD and CS: GO are more in the <50 range.

2.) I literally first heard about it 8 hours before it started.

3.) I only play as monster, as I rarely have gaming friends that I can play with, since I live in Japan.

4.) Like I stated previously, I still think the game’s mechanics are a bit of a joke for competition. Do you see important elements in the games, with millions of dollars on the line, RNG their way to different parts of the map, or active at random times? I know the important buffs don’t in LoL. I know there’s barely any non-human related RNG in CS: GO. Mario Party isn’t in the Esports scene, even though it’s one of the most popular games of all-time.

Yeah, but that’s the whole point. You’re NOT supposed to fight as a monster stage 1. It’s literally been programmed that way. Hell, it was programmed that way in the alpha, before monsters got nerfed. If the monster is sneaking and isn’t found, then he’s literally not progressing at all and the hunters can find him after a little longer, otherwise they’re doing a terrible job. If you don’t like parts of a game where there isn’t constant feedback, go back to twitch shooters.


I would like to openly apologize, and I will admit a lot of it was just butthurt due to particular reddit post about me a while back about not putting in as much effort into the game etc. etc. etc. This wasn’t originally intended to turn into a podcast and I’m not a big streamer, so I was kind of just being a whiny baby because getting your stream noticed IS DIFFICULT and I feel like I’ve been doing it for so long (over 2 years). I regret saying anything about the subject, and if I were to be part of a community podcast, I would never say anything or attack anyone like that. I do regret saying it regardless because I am someone trying to get my stream noticed and I don’t think it was a good thing to say. I think that a podcast would be cool, whether or not I am a part of it. Sacriel is a big part in making this game popular, and the same goes for DGL (I also didn’t compete in it due to the structuring). After a certain point into the video, it became more professional and that’s the kind of stuff I would like to discuss/be interested in listening too.

I’m completely ok with not being a part of it if what I said would give it a bad name and I understand the fault.


@GentlemanSquirl Would you want to be on the podcast? I would really want a dev on the podcast. I would come up with questions about the game to ask you, that you may be able to answer in real-time. I’m sure the others would do the same. I’m looking for making the first one next weekend. I would love it if you would participate, but I can totally understand if you can’t.


Podcasts and such fall under interviews, so you would have to get that cleared with 2k @damjess and @Chloe. I don’t mind doing that sort of stuff, but there is a lot of stuff I wouldn’t be able to talk about.


I think a podcast would be interesting. I’d listen and maybe participate if there was an opinion for that.


If you could, just send me an email from the contact us page, include some info about the podcast if you can, and I’ll make sure 2K PR gets an eye on it.


Thank you, Chloe! I sent a form through the Contact Us page.


I’ll listen in, it’ll be interesting. :slight_smile: I would also loved to participate; I enjoy discussing Evolve with my friends, but it doesn’t happen all that often. It seems like you may be filling your fourth slot, though.


So is this a thing, if so where can I find and download it?