Evolve please

I have never been more frustrated at this game the entire time I have played it. I literally lost a match to a single bug.

I joined a game of hunt late as a Wraith and managed to get to stage three fairly easy while giving the hunters a couple strikes. However, I didn’t notice until I was destroying the power relay that I haven’t seen the assault the entire match.

It just so happened to be that Torvald was invisible. He single handedly managed to stop me from destroying the power relay countless times while his teammates re-spawned 5 or 6 times. Every time I would attach the power relay mortars would come out of thin air and hit me and I think we all know just how much damage those mortars do especially do a Wraith… A LOT.

He eventually knocked my health down low enough and killed me. I tried multiple strategies to counter not being able to see him but neither the decoy or the AI could damage him enough even though they could sense him.

I’m still going to play Evolve and I’m sure this bug is already known but I still wanted to vent my frustration anyways. Thanks for reading and happy hunting.