Evolve Players of Western New York?


Hey all,

This is an impromptu poll to gauge how many Evolve players reside in Upstate NY (e.g. Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, or close to those cities). Why am I asking?

Well, a friend of mine as well as myself are hoping to do an event (maybe a full-blown tournament depending on interest) that will be purely live and in-person. But in order to figure out if such a thing would be realistic, we need to know how many hardcore Evolve players exist in our area.

So if you play Evolve and live in the above areas, speak up and maybe spread the word!


I know of one he’s a slippery buffalo though lol


Anyone else? tumbleweeds Anyone?

Please…I don’t wanna be the only Evolve player from this area. It’s lonely! ._.


I do, but what you want are people in western New York, not upstate New Yorek in general. That’s a significant difference.


Topic title updated accordingly.


I’m from Rochester but I’m only 13. Sooo I don’t know about the in person thing. But I down to do it other wise. I’m on ps4


A fellow WNYer, he knows all about the slippery ways Afius… But I’m in Buffalo area, play on Xbox, I know of one other evolve player in area…


You wouldn’t happen to be part of this Facebook group by any chance, would you? https://www.facebook.com/groups/326820400857404/478746958998080/

I’m thinking combing the Facebook groups might be one way to see how many Evolve players are lurking in the shadows of WNY.

P.S. It’s damn cold here in Rochester, NY right now. I’m thinking the Monsters are hibernating here (if they do that).


I’m in Cleveland which isn’t honestly that far and have family in the area.

What system is this on?


Ya I’m a member of that group on Facebook as well, thou I don’t use FB all that much… I think there are definitely more WNY to be found…

It’s True Capt Boom, Cleveland is like a 3hour drive from Buffalo, not bad at all

I play on Xbox, screen name is the same as forums, add me if you like and we can jam…

P.S… It F**king freezing here, as of writing this its -1 outside!


Myself and my buddy are from grand island. Both on Xbox


Well, I can tell you folks right now that if there is enough interest in a WNY Evolve tournament, it would be hosted here:

Why this space?

  1. It’s the right size for small tournaments, and
  2. I’m friends with the owner, thereby guaranteeing a space. :slightly_smiling:

Not trying to be a shill here. It’s just if we’re going to do this, well, we do need a guaranteed space.


Sross220 add me if you like, on on Xbone as well… Screen name is same as forums here…

We impulse: that place looked like it would be good for something like that, Rochester is more centrally located