Evolve player amount is fine


i remember people saying evolve was doomed and because it dropped down to 2000 players quite fast it was gonna keep dropping with the same speed but look at it now 3.4k people plaiyng and have been so the whole week player base is noice and stable so suck it to all those who hated on evolve :smiley:


I feel the same way. I have not had any issues on PC, finding a group really. Other than people leaving the match out of rage quits, it feels fine to me so far.


Well I know myself, and others where saying back then it would be fine.


As was I. But people continued to make claims that PC was already dead. ^.-


Although the 3k or so players on PC is fine, I can’t wait till it goes back up because that’s one reason why matchmaking is buggy.


Yea it’s stabilized quite nicely.


New hunters are still new. I’d wait at least another week to see if the numbers hold at 3k+. I don’t, by any means, think “the game is dead!”, but with the influx of new content there is bound to be a spike in population that will normalize to a new level over time.


Well, we got a chance that we will get more players because there’s more content, but there’s also the chance that because of the pricing of the characters it may not happen

And I’m not complaining about prices. I own everything but 4 things. Lol


Um, I bought downloads for both computer and PS4, so I’m not worried about the pricing either.

Still, as I say, you always have fluctuations when releasing new content. I played City of Heroes for years, and while we had spikes when new content was released, our player base stayed pretty loyal and solid all the way until they shut the lights off on us.

Y’know… that still irritates me.

… grumble, grumble, grumble…


I used to play that too. Same with Exsteel which was an amazing mech-fighter style game. Wish they never went down


I will still never even look at an NCsoft product again for what they did to CoH. Oh, and if you were unaware, there is an effort to get CoH back that is really, really close to success. Hoping that comes through, cause if it does they will have Issue 24 live. Nothing new, since the design team are all long gone, but would be nice to have the game back.

But as I say, as long as the base stays loyal we will see spikes when new hunters / monsters / modes / maps are released, and that influx might not all stay, but I am hoping the core player base remains solid.