Evolve PGAC #26 - Bucket Hurts Wraith


@macman please don’t nerf Wraith. These people who complain about her being OP need to play as wraith against good teams to learn that she is vulnerable against good compositions and skilled players.


No insult or such, but that wraith played …not so well. A skilled wraith would have wrecked them.

I also have to say its not a point about “good compositions and skilled players” its the difference between wraith and the other monsters that shows how bad overpowered that wraith really is. Sure pro Teams against not so perfect(or even perfect) wraiths CAN beat it . No doubt.
But you DONT balance around that. You balance around a 95%+ playerbase not the top 5 percent.


If you have any suggestions or videos or tutorials from better Wraith players, please let me know. Telling me that my skill was not good is only a tiny little bit helpful. I need details and specifics to become a better Wraith player.


First, try to pick a better place to fight, try to stay in favorable places when they dome you (cave or pretty flat area would fit for wraith pretty well, much elevation is bad). As a monster you can pick your place when/where they will catch you. A loop is also always nice if you need a short break. You fighted on their places and didnt looked much around in the dome where it might fits you better.

Next would be i wouldnt currently care much about abduction. Yes 1 point is okay but i would take it either phase 3 or not at all and instead go for more damage as during abduction you dont deal much damage, you will be hold in place and everyone knows where to shoot when you bring your target back to place which means you get eventually hurt more then you hurt your target.

And lastly you sometimes didnt used your ability cooldowns on second they were available. Most important part is to combo your abilites, the more and faster the better your success will be as it hurts them the most


I had a Founder player take Wraith and manage to stun and bring a Medic down to about 40% health. After the shield burst was used.

The Decoy is the only issue, if Decoy is tuned down a bit, not even that much, Wraith will be fine.

She’s really not that OP, she’s only a little bit over the top.


Pretty much this. The only thing I say could go for a nerf would be to remove the perma supernova on Decoy. While I STILL think SN needs to be buffed, it’s kinda pointless now considering her DPS is through the roof now.

Just about the only teams that can kill me now are in the top tier, and even then it ends up being a pain in the ass for them to kill me. So far this patch after I’ve adjusted to the new set/meta I’ve managed to only get killed about twice. Once due to ping the second due to me being overly aggressive.

@Flying_Scorpion about your play. Some things I noticed:

  1. Only take FS/MS (Feeding Speed/Movement Speed) at the second set. Just watch the video to see what I run.
  2. Build; 1 point into everything at S1, S2 max WB, place the second point on SN. S3, max SN, place the second point into decoy.
  3. You’re not using your mobility to its maximum. You can cut off a hunter with the Wraith and pincer them with your Decoy while it’s active.
  4. As suggested above you need to pay attention to where you fight, and haul ass at S1, don’t remain in one area for more than one or two feedings.

Here’s a video of my play.

The fun part begins around 3 mins in (pardon the slow FPS in the beginning my computer’s kinda wonky, I don’t use a 2 machine setup to record).

And the source in case you want to fuddle with it or watch it un-raped by the youtube codec.


Hey thanks for the feedback! I hope you don’t mind if I use some of your gameplay footage in my next video, it’s very helpful!

edit also, I don’t have a 2 computer setup for making videos. It took me a long time to learn how to get the right encoding, file types, and use different types of playback/compressing/recording/audio software before I finally got everything tuned to the best quality I could get without stutter. Your video quality was actually really good. It’s hard to get a really high definition video for evolve on youtube because it’s graphically intesnse (and beautiful) but that causes issues when youtube puts a limit on how high your video’s bitrate can be. Anyhow, thanks again for your tips and video - and I plan on implementing them into my future games!


Go for it with the footage. Some of those strats apply to other monsters, not just Wraith FYI.


You did a good job of bucket most the time, but at one point, you get a bit distracted by assault. Also, 5:30, I would have stayed and finished medic if possible.

In terms of perks, I would shy away from going all into speed, because without any damage/damage resistance/cooldowns, if makes combat harder.

Nice work though