Evolve "perks"


I was curious to know more about the “perks” that the monster and hunters can get from a( the start of a match, and b( from killing certain enemies on the map. I’m aware of two that you get from killing creatures such as the hunting vision you get from the spotters and the health boost you get from the tyrant. Then there is the ability for the hunters to have a longer jetpack duration. I was curious if we could get more details on perks that have already been seen that I’ve missed


There’s cooldown reduction for monsters, where your ability cooldown is shorter


You don’t happen to know any others do you? I think I read somewhere they were able to pick between 3 but they never said what all 3 were


Not off the top of my head. But the obvious ones would be:

  • More damage
  • More health
  • Faster health regen
  • More armour


Actually I’m very curious of what is that…?

So, there’s little bonus for the hunter depending on what creature they killed ? (I guess the bonus remains for the team during a certain time)

Does the monster get a bonus too ? Since he already gets armor and I-don’t-know-what-for-evolving…


You get bonus “perks” sort of for killing certain wildlife. Both teams can pick it up


Well, I would have prefered that if you try to kill a group of Trapjaws (for exemple), it’s only because they are an actual or future real threat… and not just because you want a bonus.

But hey, we’ll see ^^


Tyrants are one of the creatures that drop perks, I remember reading it in Official Playstation Magazine issue 94 pg54. The writer seemed to speculate that it could increase you armour bar(Perm) or movement speed(Temp)


I don’t think the smaller wildlife, like reavers and trapjaws, will drop perks because they are too easy to kill. It’s the “elite” animals like the Tyrant, the Sloth, the Mega Mouths (I think), and the Doom Beetles.

You would kill the trapjaws, because of the reasons you said. They are a threat and will harass and attack you. My desktop wallpaper right now is a screenshot of a Goliath coming at a group of hunters and he drove a pack of reavers into the hunters as well.


I see what picture you’re talking about ^^
Ok ok… Still not sure about the fact that a Goliath who’s able to kill a Tyrant does need a perk in addition to extra armor…

(that reminds me I don’t know a lots of creature’s name !..
Sloths are these big creatures we see in the interactive trailer, right ?)


Yea, at the very beginning they run past that really large animal, that’s a sloth I believe.


I’m pretty sure they do actually. If you watch PAX gameplay footage you can see perks in the bottom left, and I definitely saw a reaver and a mammoth bird there


Apparently even the spotters give hunters a perk too. I think its that if you kill 3 of them you get something like goliaths sniff vision


Hmm, that seems odd. Wonder what they’d do?

And another thing, it doesn’t make much sense to me why the hunters get perks from the animals, if what @Brandini said is right, they would get the sniff vision? I mean, Goliath consumes them and is some sort of biological miracle (evolving instantly) so that I can see him getting their “traits”.

How exactly do hunters killing spotters give them better noses? :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, I have no idea, I just remember hearing about it. That was when the perks were still temporary, so idk if it will still be used