Evolve Pc still is not able to play yet?


i have been watching evolve on store and it says available 9th feb and it said 2 hours left, 2 hours ago and its now saying its not available “yet” how long guys :frowning: HYPEEDDD


Have you tried closing and opening steam?


yes still nothing…


Once you re-opened Steam you did not see an update queue? Did you verify integrity of game cache? @WiBaKi suggests trying that. Go to Right-click/Properties/Local Files/Verify integrity of game cache.


There was no update Queue and it still says “Evolve - pre-load complete;unreleased” when i right click on it there is no option to go to properties?


Are you in the UK?


yes? it has said to be released by now


If its not released then thats intended.You gotta wait for Steam to open it.Once you do remember to go and verify once all the unpacking is done.


works - 169 bad files now the game starts!


Yeah, I had the same problem. Turned on a EU vpn, loaded steam and it let me update. I’ve got a feeling steam are locking UK in midnight GMT release and not 11pm, contrary to posts here. Could be wrong though.


This is part of the reason why I am a console player.

Before everyone gets up in arms, I’m not bashing you. I just don’t have the patience. Plug and play for me.


A lot of people on steam are annoyed as well… well done valve well done


checking integrity here as well, the game would simply not start. Restarted steam, nothing, now I’m trying it via integrity check.


I’d tend to agree with you but I’ve been seeing a few xbox complaints as well…and when a console doesn’t function…well…not like you can just take it apart and fix it piece by piece, lol.


There’s bound to be some hiccups…


And this isn’t one. Someone gave someone the wrong list- the release schedule for Xbox instead of PC. The UK is now having to wait until midnight here (16:00 PST). There seems to be a persistent habit of giving out confusing information about Evolve right up until the last minute.


Europeans are unlocking the game just fine, maybe there is a UK based discrepency, which is a shame, but is also only 8 minutes away now… hopefully.


Yeah but why me lol I simply just want to play evolve lol :wink:p




If they have confused it they are a bunch of plonkers lol